Arranging pillows on a bed is a learned skill since they heavily affect the feel of the room. Thus, you shouldn’t treat sleeping pillows in the same vein as throw pillows or decorative pillows. Instead, focus on producing captivating pillow combinations to introduce a personal touch to the living space. Generally, accent pillows are among the most stylish ways to do so.

In this article, we’ll go over the various ways you can arrange pillows for a striking pillow combo. Also, we’ll share a hint or two regarding using the standard sleeping pillows for proper bedroom decor. Here’s our guide!

A Classic and Beautiful Pillow Arrangement

Image source: Michelle Hinckley

From back to front: Two Bed Pillows + Two 26″ Pillows + Two 22-20″ Pillows + One Small Centered Pillow

This well-known principle places the larger elements to the back. Then, keep on adding smaller-sized pillows for a classic, cascading look.

To do so, you’ll need two king pillows for the backdrop and two 26-inch pillows in front of them. Next, choose throw pillows with 20-22″ dimensions to accentuate the final centerpiece. Even today, this simple pillow arrangement is a popular method to decorate a queen size bed.

The Hotel-Like Pillow Arrangements

Image source: Ivy Lane Living

If you’re using a bed with a lower headboard, then opt for coordinated throw pillows. So, arrange pillows as you would find them in a hotel room – horizontally. While this isn’t the most eye-catching formation out there, it achieves a practical look easily. This simple arrangement is especially favored for a Camden Bed.

Layered and Symmetrical Arrangement

Image source: DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

Start by positioning two standard shams upright on the headboard as support for two stacks of medium-sized pillows. Then, add a small pillow in the center of the bedding. This is one of the basic throw pillow ideas for your bed, but that doesn’t make it any less practical.

Then, you can mix and match their colors and patterns for extra texture. That way, you’ll avoid a too-monochromatic outcome. However, try to follow along with the pervading color scheme of the room for a relaxing atmosphere.

Aim for a Unified Room Decor

Image source: DIC Design Group

You can select basic colors for your standard pillows and curtains and then opt for a matching pattern for all those elements. That way, you’ll create a unified and sleek look.

Neutrals That Can Enhance a Style

Image source: Dayna Katlin Interiors

Grey is a widely used color these days since mixing it with a different color scheme is a breeze. For example, take four standard pillows and mix and match fabrics like velvet or faux fur. Then, choose a metallic hue, and just for fun add another pillow in grey matt.

How to Create a Relaxing Atmosphere Using Pillows

Image source: Martha O’Hara Interiors

You can use accent pillows of the Euro sham type for an extra-refined look. To do so, two or three pillows with complementary patterns. On that note, you can also use fringe and tassels.

Here’s how to arrange them:

  • Put together four standard pillows on a bed
  • Then, add two or three queen or king-size Euro sham pillows, depending on your setup

Make Less Look Like More

From back to front: Two Bed Pillows + Two Standard Shams + Two 26-20″ Pillows + One Smaller Pillow

This is another popular method to arrange your pillows on a king bed. To achieve it, set two bed pillows upright and lean two shams on them. Then, place three decorative pillows in the spotlight. Depending on your headboard, you can use ones that are up to 26 inches wide.

Otherwise, stick to using two 20-inch pillows and one smaller accent pillow in front of them. That way, you’ll accentuate their patterns and highlight each of the pillows on your bed.

The Balanced and Stylish Look

Image source: Kendall Wilkinson Design

You can use two euro shams and two regular shams in the front for a cohesive setup. When doing so, pick sets that complete each others’ patterns for added depth. However, be careful not to choose too-strong colors when aiming for a balanced outcome. Instead, make sure that the color schemes do not clash.

Patterned Queen Bed Pillow Arrangements

Image source: Chris Barrett Design

The patterned look is a creative and smart solution that works in a plethora of scenarios. Setting the grounds for it requires that you set your sleeping pillows vertically on the headboard. Next, arrange two king pillows or three queen-sized shams across the length of the bed.

At that point, it is wise to pick contrasting textures for more visual fidelity. So, feel free to experiment with the patterns to find one that feels fresh and innovative.

Creating a Unique Pattern

Image source: Tiffany Brooks, HGTV Host & Interior Designer

Putting together two different styles is nothing unheard of, yet it remains a sure-shot way for an engaging setup. For example, you can combine a beige base with floral patterns for a subtle, trendy scenery.

Arranging Colors in a Calming Scheme

Image source: Michael Abrams Interiors

Blue is the perfect base for a soothing color combination and also a quite versatile one. When paired with grey or white elements, it can produce a truly tranquil ambiance. One popular way to utilize this approach is to use blue accent pillows and a grey Euro sham one.

Afterward, proceed to add texture via similarly-tinted accessories. For example, a soft blue rectangular pillow with faux fur embroidery.

The Luxurious and Classic Pillow Arrangement

Image source: Liza Ryner Design

This is the look you’ll most often find at boutique hotels. Generally, such methods always include Euro sham pillows with colorful patterns. Still, the result is a classy and neat-looking bed.

Here are the details:

  • Set two king pillows on the headboard
  • Place three crisp white Euro shams in front of them
  • Complete the setup with three 20-inch decorative pillows

Use Overlapping Textures for an Eclectic Result

Image source: Cornerstone Architects

Start with two regular sleeping pillows and two 26-inch pillows on top of them. Next, add three decorative pillows of varying dimensions and textures. At that point, set the final three pieces in a way that they do overlap each other. In other words, place them in a cascading manner back-to-front, starting with the largest one.

Symmetry When Arranging a Larger Number of Pillows

Image source: Snake River Interiors

If you’re a fan of filling up your bed with as many pillows as it can handle, you can still do so in style. Opt for a symmetrical approach and set them up by considering their height and pattern. In this example, we show Euro shams, velvet regular shams, and two accent pillows.

Tell a Story With the Pillow Arrangement

Image source: Lisa Benbow of LCB Interior Design

Though most patterns work well by themselves, you can find a lot of fun weaving them in a narrative. To that end, you can experiment with various textures, as long as they have a unifying element.
To begin, pick a base pattern comprising three colors. Next, add secondary patterns that involve only two of those colors. That way, you’ll produce a charming arrangement that’s fun and cozy at the same time.

Liven Up the Space

You can use bold colors on the accent pillows to easily liven up the room. This is most effective if their patterns contrast the base wall color. The result is a balanced look with stylish snippets of joyful hues.

The Elegant Pink Color

Image source: Aurora Builders

Pink is a versatile shade that goes with a wide array of neutrals and even regal colors like gold. For a lavish pink-gold scenario, start by setting an oversized Euro sham pillow. Next, use a Mongolian square accent pillow and a square Gaga Double Nailhead gold pillow. The result is a highly personalized and fun-looking space.

The Carefree Asymmetrical Design

Image source: Karen Houghton Interiors

If you’re a fan of off-kilter solutions, consider using pillows with different shapes, colors, and patterns. More often than not, the asymmetrical approach leads to the most memorable solutions. However, try to infuse them with a single connecting element to anchor the setup.

This is what comprises our example:

  • Set two to four standard pillows one on top of the other
  • Combine four or five decorative pillows with analogous color schemes
  • Mix and match 26-inch rectangular pillows with 24-inch ones before placing a lumbar pillow at the center

Plan Out the Size of the Pattern

Image source: Margeaux Interiors – Margaret Skinner

Avoid using glaringly-large patterns that will attract too much attention. Relying on such prints often leads to a sloppy and outdated outcome. On the flip side, a collection of too-small prints is also not recommended since they’ll overcrowd the bed.

You can also utilize patterns with different themes to complement a chosen accent pillow. As for that one, pick a dominant pattern and surround it with more subtle shapes and lines. Therefore, the medium print should only serve to highlight the main pattern. That way, you’ll create an anchor element that will nicely tie up the scene.

FAQs on throw pillow ideas for your bed

How many throw pillows should I use on my bed?

Whether or not you utilize decorative pillows on your bed is a matter of taste and bed size. A basic and beautiful design can be achieved with just two or three pillows, while a layered effect can be achieved with many more.

When deciding how many decorative pillows to use, think about your bed’s size and the room’s layout.

What size throw pillows should I use on my bed?

Your bed’s decorative pillows should be of a size that’s comfortable for you and the size of your bed.

Pillows of standard size are fine for a twin or full bed, but those of king or queen size can add a touch of drama and luxury to a bigger bed. Size variation is another way to spice up your design with added depth and texture.

Should I choose matching or contrasting throw pillows for my bed?

It’s up to you and your sense of taste to decide whether you want to use complementary or contrasting colors for your bed’s throw pillows. To get a uniform appearance, use pillows of the same color, while using pillows of different colors to offer depth and intrigue.

Choose pillows with contrasting colors or patterns that complement one another for a well-coordinated aesthetic.

What materials are best for throw pillows on a bed?

The alternatives for decorative pillows on a bed are practically limitless. Cotton or linen can give a more informal and relaxed aesthetic, while velvet or chenille can add warmth and texture to your design.

Luxury can also be added to your design with the use of faux fur or silk.

How do I choose the right color for the throw pillows on my bed?

Your bedding and the room’s decor should be taken into account while deciding on the best color for your bed’s decorative pillows.

If you want your room to look put together, try painting the walls a color that either matches or contrasts with your bedding.

White, beige, and gray are neutrals that complement any color scheme, while blue and green are examples of vibrant accent colors.

What style of throw pillows should I choose for my bed?

The aesthetic of your bedroom should determine the design of your decorative pillows. Think about using geometric shapes or straight lines for a contemporary feel.

Colorful and patterned fabrics are welcome in bohemian and eclectic decor. Both plain colors and understated patterns are acceptable for classic clothing. Choose pillows with metallic threading or sequins to up the glam factor.

What are some unique throw pillow ideas for a bed?

Pillows of unusual forms, such as spheres or hexagons, can give your bed a stylish, personalized look. Try out several materials with interesting textures, like leather or jute.

You can also make a statement by mixing patterns in unconventional ways, such as by wearing polka dots with stripes. Last but not least, you can add a special touch by decorating with monogrammed or custom-made cushions.

Should I match my throw pillows with my bedding or curtains?

It’s not required, but it might help to create a unified effect if you match your throw pillows to your sheets and drapes.

Use solid-colored throw cushions to counteract the visual weight of patterned bedding or curtains. Alternatively, you may add throw cushions in coordinating colors or patterns to bring the room together. Find a happy medium between too much uniformity and chaos in your decor.

How do I arrange my throw pillows on my bed?

Pile two or three pillows against the headboard and then fill in the space in front with a variety of pillows of varying sizes and shapes.

Throw in several bolster pillows for good measure, and mix in some square ones, too. You can make your own style by combining different prints and fabrics.

How do I choose throw pillows that are both stylish and comfortable for my bed?

Think about the materials and fillings available while shopping for decorative pillows for your bed.

Pillows filled with down or down alternatives tend to be fluffier and cozier, while those made of foam tend to be firmer and provide more support. Pillows with detachable covers are preferable for washing and upkeep.

Think about the aesthetic of the pillows as a whole and pick some that match the theme of your room while also showing off your sense of style. Finding that sweet spot between fashionable and functional will result in a bed that you actually want to spend time in.

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