Rugs can be the main feature of the room or a beautiful compliment to the colors and decor of the whole living space. As with all things, rugs begin to age the moment we have them. Wear-and-tear is sadly inevitable, be it through dirt, spills, marks, and stains. The colors can become dull, the material less soft and there can even be an unpleasant odor. Add to that the infestation of insects, bacteria, and mold.

Fortunately, there are ways to bring new life to old rugs, or better still – ways to maintain them so they age better. Here are some tips and tricks to consider for cleaning your rugs.

Professional Help is Sometimes Needed

Whilst they may enjoy eating the rug, moths are unwelcome pests. Carpet shampoo and do-it-yourself steam cleaning are frequently insufficient to tackle these. According to these rug cleaners in Brooklyn NYC, the solution can be using industry-level equipment. Not only can professionals restore the rug’s color, but they can repair the damage done by the moths. It’s also comforting to know that the cleaning materials pose no threat to pets or humans.

Use Vinegar and Carpet Shampoo

If something is spilled on the rug, it’s important to act immediately. Some people use diluted white vinegar (one part vinegar, three parts water) to clean their rugs. The chemicals are applied using a sponge, and only enough to dampen the rug. If this is used, the rug must be kept away from the sun due to the bleaching capacity of the vinegar.

When using carpet shampoo, try it first in a localized area, then use it on the whole rug if it hasn’t done any damage to the color or material.

Move Your Furniture and Vacuum Regularly

It’s commonplace for chair or table legs to be placed on rugs. To preserve it, it’s advisable to move the furniture regularly. Foot traffic is another aggressive foe. If people keep crossing a certain side of the rug, frequently rotate it so there is an even amount of wear and tear.

carpet-cleaning-3826912_1280 Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Rugs

When vacuuming a rug, both sides should be done. As the back of the rug is of a different texture, use the brush head of the hoover. It’s also possible to beat the dust out of rugs outdoors. Many will require two people to be involved in this, due to their size. Beware of vacuuming the edges of rugs as they are fragile and can become frayed. Beware also if it’s a wool rug, as the sucking motion can pull out the fibers.

Rugs Can Be Washed Outdoors

Rugs are usually big and thick. They need to be soaked during the cleaning process, and it will take at least a couple of days to fully dry. If the cleaning is to occur outdoors, make sure there will be a hot sun for several days.

When drying a rug, a clothesline will not be strong enough to carry the weight. It may be that a rope between a couple of trees may be the solution. Make sure that the rug will be undamaged if dried outdoors, as some are vulnerable to photobleaching and fiber damage.

A well-maintained rug should provide many years of use, and retain its color and softness. Always research the best care for the material, and involve professional help where appropriate.