A kitchen won’t be complete without a cooktop. As a vital part of your kitchen and home life, it is important to invest time looking for the perfect unit that will suit your cooking needs, and kitchen space and design.

Most cooktops have a life span of around 13-15 years. As a permanent fixture in your kitchen, you want a cooktop that is both functional and aesthetic.

Here are some important tips to help you find the right cooktop for your home.

Consider your cooking habits

Functionality is your topmost concern when choosing a cooktop, hence you need to keep in mind your cooking habits. If you cook large servings regularly, then you need wide-sized units or even professional series cooktops. On the other hand, if you are just cooking for a limited number of family members and occasional parties, smaller cooktops would suffice. Standard U.S. cooktop sizes range from 24” to 45” width while the professional series range from 30” to 60”.

It should also supply the desired temperature for the kind of dishes you prepare. This is important not only with ensuring well-cooked foods but also retain their nutrients. Some users prefer a cooktop that features a precise temperature control setting.

Compatibility with your cookware

If you have existing cookware sets, then you should choose compatible cookware, or else you’ll need to invest in new sets. Take note that some cooktops require specific kitchenware for successful cooking and heating. An example would be induction stovetops that require magnetic cookware to achieve desired heating. Other cookware might not work with the induction cooktop.

Meanwhile, electric and gas cooktops are compatible with the majority of cookware. These types are ideal if you already have cooking utensils.

Measure your kitchen space

Make sure to measure your kitchen, particularly the cooking area to avoid the mistake of buying an oversized cooktop. Choose a cooktop with the right dimension. It should not occupy too much space as you need to be able to move around.

A rightly sized cooktop can help prevent unnecessary inconveniences and burdens during the installation process. If you don’t pick the right size, you might have to return the unit or renovate the space. Cooktops come in a wide range of dimensions, so you’re pretty sure you can get a suitable one.

Match the cooktop color with your kitchen

As a permanent fixture in your kitchen, you want the cooktop to match with the overall aesthetic of the space. Cooktops come in different designs, colors, and themes. You can surely find one that matches the appearance of the kitchen, the colors, and the decors.

Choose cooktops with safety features

Some cooktops have an auto safety shut off feature that detects boil over, overspills, and overheating. Other units are equipped with a child lock feature, so kids won’t be able to turn it on inadvertently. Safety features are very important especially when you live with young children and the elderly. Forgetting the cooktop can lead to house fire, accidents, and losses.

Shop around your budget

For many homeowners, price is a crucial factor. Spend time to compare different cooktops, their features, advantages, and disadvantages. There are lots of options available in the market and they come in a range of prices. The price may depend on the type of cooktop. For example, induction cooktops tend to be costlier than electric and gas cooktops. Likewise, units with advanced features can be very expensive. Take time to research every option.

Usually, popular brands are sold at a higher price. A technician at Hartman’s appliance repair in Tampa emphasized that popularity does not always equate to quality. Some brands offer the same features and durability but for a fraction of cost. Read through customer reviews to know more about these alternatives.

Choose user-friendly controls

You want a cooktop with friendly and easily accessible knobs or control panels. Electric cooktops are usually equipped with touchpad controls. This makes it easy to select function and set the temperature. Conventional cooktops come with knob-type controls that are easy to understand.  Other cooktops are equipped with LCD digital displays that show the temperature, timer, and settings.

Aside from controls, you also want a unit that can be installed easily. It should come with intuitive installation instructions. Check with the retail store to know more about its initial setup.

Avail of discounts

You can also save up by using promotional discounts. Shopping online can also give you access to seasonal promos, coupons, and discounts. If your need for a cooktop is not in a hurry, you should consider waiting for the sale season.

It is not only cash discounts that you can get. Some cooktops come with extra freebies like extended warranty period, free delivery, or the free setup. These are equally good promos that can save you some bucks.

Keep in mind the tips discussed above, so you can confidently shop for the most suitable cooktop for your household.