The kitchen is a focal point of the home and is generally at the top of any homeowner’s project list. While a brand new kitchen is often a welcome thought, the price tag associated with it is not. According to HGTV, average kitchen remodels can range from $12,500 to nearly $35,000. In some cases, a more high-end project can cost as much as $50,000. Though a kitchen upgrade can increase home value and present a significant return on investment (ROI), the cost is undoubtedly a detrimental factor for many.

The good news is that there are ways to design and improve your kitchen without spending thousands of dollars to do it. Here’s a closer look at affordable ways you can upgrade your kitchen with small changes:

Kitchen Faucets

From pull-down and pull-out to high-profile, there’s no shortage of faucet options to make your kitchen sink stand out and look luxurious. They’re available in styles that range from vintage to modern and are offered in a range of materials, including carbon and matte nickel to match the rest of your kitchen accents. Some common types of kitchen faucets include:

  • Dual-handle faucets
  • Pull-out faucets
  • Pull-down faucets
  • Single-handle, high-profile faucet
  • Single-handle, low-profile faucet

Simply installing a kitchen faucet will refresh your space and bring the room to a new level.

Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

When it comes to kitchen upgrades, the focus is typically on appliances, countertops, faucets, cabinets, and flooring. However, one area that you definitely don’t want to overlook is your kitchen lighting. Like updating the taps on your kitchen sink, the lighting you select for the kitchen can make a huge difference.

From pendant styles and sconces to chandeliers, lighting fixtures come in different finishes, such as burnished nickel, chrome, and brass. These more luxurious lighting options are a massive upgrade from a conventional fixture or recessed lighting.

Kitchen Hardware and Flooring

Don’t overlook the small details when it comes to your kitchen. Not only should all the appliances match one another, but so should the handles installed on the cabinets. Hardware comes in various styles and finishes, so it’s not difficult to find a model you like to compliment your kitchen’s overall decor. Ideally, this hardware will match your faucet finish and the appliances, including the flooring.

If your budget allows you to spend a little more on your kitchen upgrade, consider assessing the flooring. Linoleum, ceramic, and vinyl are all reasonably affordable, durable, and water-resistant options that look great and give off a luxury, high-end feel. In areas of the home that are subject to water, such as the kitchen, you’ll want to avoid installing natural wood that can warp, rot, and buckle when exposed to moisture. However, as we stated, there are plenty of great alternatives and often at a more affordable price.

Browse Discounted Kitchen Products

For more information on accessories and hardware to help you upgrade your space on a budget, browse for discounted luxury kitchen items. With a range of faucets, fixtures, hardware, flooring, and other accessories offered at better prices than retail, they can serve as the ideal extension of your home improvement project.

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