One of the greatest successes of our lives is being able to live independently. This involves starting our own home, and being able to sustain our own needs. While money may be among the biggest challenges of starting an independent life, another challenge of living alone is security.

Being alone, it’s quite challenging to feel that you’re safe and secure. In order to help you achieve that, here are some tips from us that you can do so that you can take your home or condominium security a notch higher so that you may feel confident in the safety of your own place:

Security Tip # 1: Conduct a safety check

One great starting point in leveling up the security of your home is by doing an assessment. Check out for vulnerabilities such as the strength of locks to access points such as doors and windows.  There are many online resources for a safety checklist so you can do a comprehensive safety check on your own.

Security Tip # 2: Get to know your neighbors

Living alone is challenging because there’s nobody else looking after your place. But one good way to address this is by being friends with owners of adjacent houses or condo units so that they may look after your home when you’re not around.

Asking people to check out your place is not as easy to do if you’re not acquainted with your neighbors so take some effort in building rapport with them and soon enough, you’ll feel comfortable knowing that you have trusted people in the neighborhood keeping an eye on your place when you’re not home.

Security Tip # 3:  Restrict unauthorized access to your home

In keeping your home safe, make sure that you keep access to your home only to yourself. Keep keys or access cards safely in your person at all times, and don’t make a habit of keeping a spare key in an unsecured location outside your home. Spare keys are better off left to a trusted friend or neighbor, or to a building administrator.

If you are using smart locks, make sure that nobody sees your pin and make sure you update your pin every now and then.

Additionally, make sure that you lock your home at all times, even if you are home. Perpetrators can make a move in the most unsuspecting moments so foil their plans by locking up all the time.

Security Tip # 4: Screen visitors before opening your door

Make a habit of checking out who the person behind the door is before opening for them. Asking is one thing but having a peephole on your door is a whole lot better so you can be sure you’re opening the door only for the right people. You may also use a smart doorbell with a camera if you’re up for a more tech-savvy way to screen your visitors.

Security Tip # 5: Be careful in letting the world know that you’re not home

Security experts see social media as a threat especially when you post seemingly harmless beach photos or even just hanging out with your friends. Some criminals make use of social media surveillance and when they know you’re not home through posts showing you’re elsewhere, they may break-in to your home more confidently. Posting on social media is still okay but it’s best to limit the visibility of your posts to your friends.

Security Tip # 6: Invest in security devices

To ensure that you keep your home or condominium security at the highest level, the best course that you can take is investing in security devices. Living alone, it is ideal that you can monitor your home anytime and from anywhere. Security cameras and alarms are some of the most basic, but you can explore a wide array of security devices that can help you keep your home safe and secured.

Living alone for the first time is a nerve-wracking experience, but with the tips above, you will be able to feel confident knowing that you’re secure. And when you feel that you’re safe, your home will achieve its purpose of being your safe place. So take a step towards a safe and secured home today.

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