Dealing with any kind of remodeling project when you have kids is a bit of a nightmare. Older kids can pitch in and help, but younger children are likely to suffer from the break in their normal routines. The key to success is to be prepared and have systems in place to minimize the disruption and mess. Read on for some useful ideas.

Move Out for a Week

The easiest way to avoid getting caught up in the mess is to move out for a week and let the contractors work in peace. Obviously, this is dependent on you trusting them to take care of your home and not strip out all the pipework and run, but as long as you hire a reputable contractor like this Minneapolis home remodeling firm, you’ll be fine.

Create a Temporary Kitchen

You will need a temporary kitchen to use while the existing one is out of action. Even if you can live on takeout for a week or two, you still need somewhere to make hot drinks and prepare breakfast and lunchboxes. Thankfully, al fresco dining is fun as well as practical.

How you handle this will depend on the weather. In warm weather, setting up a temporary kitchen outside is a good idea. Erect a gazebo over a table and chairs. Organize a power cable so you can plug in a microwave and set up a second table for food preparation. Use your BBQ or a camping grill to cook hot food. The refrigerator can be plugged in somewhere inside, or if you are waiting for a new one to be installed, invest in a small countertop refrigerator – you can always use it as a spare booze fridge when the kitchen remodel is over.

You might discover your new outdoor kitchen is so much fun you carry on using it.

If the weather is not suitable for al fresco dining, turn a corner of another room into a temporary kitchen. Make sure you have all the essentials you need in boxes and set up a camping stove on a table. Pretend you’re ‘camping’ and the kids will think it’s great fun.

Screen Off the Kitchen

One of the downsides of a remodeling project is the awful mess you have to live with, not to mention the noise. Use plastic sheeting to screen off the kitchen area and prevent dust from blowing into the main living area. This is really important if you have very young children, as you do not want them paddling in potentially dangerous dust and dirt.

Prepare Meals in Advance

Try to prepare lots of meals in advance, so all you need to do is pull them from the freezer and stick them in the microwave. Simple meals like Bolognese sauce, meatloaf, and chili con carne can all be cooked in batches and frozen. Do the same for baby meals if you are currently weaning your little one.

Finally, reach out to family and friends and ask them for assistance. Offer to cook them a meal in your new kitchen once it’s finished, in return for dinner at their house while it’s a work in progress.