Thinking of changing up the look of a room in your home with a wooden accent wall? Engage in some innovative thinking instead of just going to the paint store to get an out-of-character purple paintbrush. Opt for a wooden accent wall to add an engaging dimension to your space, as well as showcase your unique personality, while creating texture and warmth in your room.

Here’s a brief outline of the tips from our experts to help you design the best wood accent wall in your home:

  • use reclaimed materials;
  • come to the dark side;
  • go all-natural;
  • think outside the box;
  • infuse your personality into the project;
  • have fun along the way.

Use Reclaimed Materials

Breathing new life into used materials instead of sending them to the dump is incredibly inspiring. So, feel free to make use of distressed, aged wood to add that special rustic charm to your modern interior design. Plus, you’ll love introducing an eco-friendly element in your home that will immediately connect you with nature.

Come to the Dark Side

Dark shades and deep wood tones are incredibly cozy. If that resonates with your current mood, you’re welcome to opt for deep, rich hues when designing your wood accent wall. Why not stain your wooden wall black! Add some metallic accents to it and enjoy its overall chic, dramatic appeal.

Go All-Natural

Wood in its natural condition is a fantastic canvas to feast your eyes upon. Combine it with a vibrant color palette for an all-embracing vibe, or opt for a variety of neutrals for a minimalist touch. Irrespective of what you’ll ultimately stick with, warm-colored natural wood is a win-win!

Think Outside the Box

You don’t have to be traditional or follow the strict rules of symmetry when creating your wood accent wall. Reinvent this element completely and create something truly one-of-a-kind. Longing to hang a wood 3d map on your wall to create a beautiful wanderlust accent? Great idea! Feel like really making a statement with a geometric patterned wood accent wall? Why not!

Make Something You-nique

Take a browse through Pinterest for inspiration, but don’t forget to inject your personality into the project. That perfect wood accent wall should both echo your unique tastes and integrate well into your existing home decor.

Have Fun Along the Way

Wood paneling might be a traditional interior design element, but that doesn’t mean you should be all serious about it. Combine it with a topsy-turvy patterned wallpaper and other intricately whimsical details for a refreshed, modern look. It does take a creative eye, but you’ll love the outcome.

Conclusion: Unleash Your Creative Side

Accent walls are back in a major way, and it looks like they’re better than ever. Make the most of the aforementioned tips to design a stunning accent wall that won’t remind you of your grandma’s wood-paneling. Have a blast blending color, texture, and tone to create a breathtaking space and the centerpiece of your room.

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