The Republic of Cyprus, located between Turkey, Syria and Greece, is an important tourist destination in the Mediterranean. It offers beautiful beaches and a very rich artistic heritage that has been inhabited by different peoples over the years. In addition, the warm climate makes it a great place even in spring and autumn, when you can easily take pleasant baths in the sea.

Choosing where to stay in Cyprus is quite simple, there are five main tourist resorts: Nicosia, Paphos, Larnaca, Limassol and Ayia Napa. Each of these destinations are more suitable for travel or vacation.

Cyprus has many options for short and long term rentals, both furnished and unfurnished, to choose from. Short term rentals will be cheaper during the low winter season when there is less tourist demand.

Rent in Cyprus

A one-bedroom apartment in the city center will set you back around 400 euros per month, while you can find similar accommodations some distance from the city center for about 300 euros. However, much of Cyprus’ city center is pedestrianized, so it might be worth spending a little more on downtown rentals to save money and get rid of day-to-day transport problems.

If you are looking for a modern apartment, it will cost you around 700-800 euros per month. If you prefer to rent a luxury spacious villa because you are moving with your family, it will cost you around € 1100-1400 per month.

Typically, landlords require one month’s rent as security in addition to the first month’s rent in advance when signing the lease. Long-term leases are valid for one or two years renewable and do not include utility bills, while short-term leases are usually for 6 months or less with utilities included.

When to go to Cyprus

Cyprus can be an interesting destination all year round due to its mild climate even in winter. However, for those looking for a beach holiday, the best time is from May to October, even if you can find hot days to stay on the beach even in March, April, November and December.

Just think that the island’s water parks open in mid-April and close at the end of October. For an inexpensive vacation and the absence of excessively high temperatures, the best time is spring or autumn.

How to get to Cyprus

6-Ways-to-Make-Your-Flight-Better Top 11 Villas for Rent in Cyprus

There are many flights departing from the airports of Italy, England, France. Recently, with the advent of low cost flights, more and more Europeans are choosing Cyprus for their beach holidays. Almost all flights land at Paphos airport, and from there, you can visit the whole island with a rental car.

The most beautiful beaches

The most beautiful beaches in Cyprus are concentrated in two areas: the coastline between Paphos and Limassol in the southwest of the island and the Ayia Napa coastline in the southeast. Here are 5 beaches in Cyprus not to be missed.

  • Petra Row Romiou Cyprus

One of the most famous attractions in Cyprus is Petra Ru Romiou Beach, also called Aphrodite’s Beach, because, according to myth, on this stretch of the sea the goddess of love and beauty emerged from the water and began her life on earth. The birthplace of Aphrodite is a charming sand and pebble beach with a huge rock and crystal clear water.

  • Coral bay

Coral Bay, considered the most beautiful beach in Cyprus, also has the advantage of being easily accessible and equipped with all the services: comfortable and attractive at the same time. It is a 500 meters long golden sandy beach washed by blue and calm waters. Near Coral Bay, there are some impressive diving spots that will delight divers during their Cyprus holidays.

  • Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon to dive in and cool off in: This is not a dream, this is the magnificent Blue Lagoon beach in Cyprus. Set amidst the stunning natural scenery of Akamas Park, it can only be reached by boat, on foot or by ATV and is ideal for snorkelling.

  • Lara Beach

For those who love wild beaches, we recommend Lara Beach, a remote beach divided into two bays (North Lara and South Lara). The beach is famous for the fact that the caretta caretta turtles come here to lay their eggs during the breeding season: the cages scattered here and there along the beach are used to protect the eggs, do not touch them!

  • Golden beach

If you like peace, follow our advice: cross the border and go to relax on the beaches of the Turkish part of Cyprus. Few tourists decide to go further, so the beaches are usually very quiet. The most beautiful beach in North Cyprus is Golden Beach, a very long beach (10 km!) With fine sand, bordered by a strip of dense Mediterranean vegetation.

11 Best Villas in Cyprus

Do you want to relax together on vacation or with family and friends? Then a Cyprus holiday villa is the perfect choice. This is a unique opportunity to live in an individual and typical housing and get to know the people and the country.

This is a unique opportunity to live in an individual and typical housing and get to know the people and the country.

Cyprus Villas is a part of Villa Empire Group, a company providing luxury villas for rent worldwide.

Together we can find the perfect location and the best accommodation for your dream vacation based on your preferences!

  1. BELVEDERE HOUSE is located in Paphos. Located right on the Mediterranean Sea with stunning sunset views. The three-level villa features a private pool, gravy, barbecue, 12-seat cinema, games, indoor and outdoor spaces, a well-equipped kitchen and a furnished terrace with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea.
  2. Villa DIONE is located in Ayia Napa. Located just 200 meters from the beach. The villa has a private pool, manicured lawn, outdoor / indoor dining, huge living area, well equipped kitchen, charcoal barbecue, fireplace and gym.
  3. Villa Elfa, a stunning 4 bedroom private villa for rent in Cyprus. This holiday villa features a private pool, hot tub, BBQ area, a huge open-plan living / dining area and a well-equipped kitchen. The interior is well planned and exquisitely decorated.
  4. Villa ROYALE is located in Coral Bay. The villa has the exquisite design of a star hotel yet is intimate enough to be your Cypriot holiday home. It features a private pool, jacuzzi, sun gazebo, lounge and living area, well-equipped kitchen and a beautiful garden with manicured lawn.
  5. Villa CASA AQUAMARE is located just 100 meters from the pristine Mavralus Beach in western Cyprus. This 6 bedroom villa, set on a huge 20,000 square feet, offers you the perfect opportunity for a relaxing and luxurious island getaway.
  6. Villa SIRINA is located in Protaras. Upscale amenities and spacious interiors offer comfortable accommodation for up to 8 people.
  7. ELITE VILLA, located in the countryside of Argaka in western Cyprus, is a luxury 6 bedroom villa for rent that can accommodate up to 12 people. The hotel has a private pool, sauna, gym, table tennis, billiards, well-equipped kitchen, lush tropical garden and manicured lawn.
  8. VILLA DANATA in Protaras has 2 bedrooms, all with bathrooms and air conditioning. It features a private pool, terrace, gazebo, charcoal barbecue and a well-equipped kitchen. Modern furniture throughout. The bedrooms are large and spacious.
  9. Villa MORNING STAR is a luxury 3 bedroom villa for rent in the heart of the resort town of Protaras.
  10. Villa BEACH VIBES is located near the city of Protaras. This is a luxurious 4 bedroom estate located very close to the easternmost peak of the island.
  11. RICARDO VILLA is located in the coastal village of Kapparis, near Protaras. It can accommodate up to 10 people. Modern fully furnished villa. Luxurious interiors. 5 bedrooms.

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