When it comes to bedroom design, a lot of people focus on making their bedroom aesthetically pleasing. As long as guests come over and you don’t feel embarrassed about the way your bedroom looks, everything is fine, right?


Your bedroom shouldn’t be designed with house guests in mind. While it’s certainly nice to create an aesthetically pleasing bedroom, that shouldn’t be your number one priority.

Your bedroom is where you sleep. Therefore, your number one priority should be to design a bedroom that allows for a great night’s sleep.

And one way to do this is with the right bedroom feng shui.

Read on to learn the top five feng shui tips for a better night’s sleep.

What is Feng Shui?

Before we dive into the 5 tips, let’s first talk a little bit about feng shui.

Feng shui is an ancient art and science that was formulated in China over 3,000 years ago. Literally, the word feng translates to “wind” and shui translates to “water.”

In Chinese culture, these two things are associated with good health. Therefore, the words feng shui, eventually evolved into meaning good fortune.

Thousands of practices developed over time in order to promote good feng shui. For example, arranging your home in a certain way is one practice to promote good feng shui.

1. Get a Big Enough Bed

First things first, you need to make sure you are getting a big enough bed.

Feng shui experts say a bigger bed is better for you because big beds more easily foster a good night’s sleep, as they allow more energy (also known as chi) to circulate beneath them.

spacious-modern-bedroom Top 4 Feng Shui Tips for Better Sleep

Plus, according to the laws of feng shui, you are able to promote a better sense of togetherness between you and your partner in a larger bed.

Make sure you put a lot of thought into choosing the bed. The headboard, box spring, and mattress should all be carefully selected. For a really great night’s sleep, you should also try a hybrid mattress.

2. Keep Your Space Clutter-Free

The old adage of “less is more” holds especially true when it comes to feng shui.

Cluttered closets, beds, dressers and storage spaces can create energy blocks and heighten the chaos in your room.

5-decor-experts Top 4 Feng Shui Tips for Better Sleep

You should be especially careful with the space below your bed, as the energy from what’s under your bed can transfer to you when you are sleeping.

However, if you have a small apartment and have no other choice but to store things underneath your bed (hello, New York renters!), then it’s recommended that you only store soft items, like extra sheets, pillows, or blankets.

3. Essential Oils are Essential, As Are Plants

According to the principles of feng shui, plants are a great addition to any bedroom.

This is because the green color of the plants can soothe your eyes and put you in a good mood. When you wake up in the morning, there is perhaps no better way to energize yourself than by the sight of a vibrant plant.

Essential oils, particularly lavender, rose, or frankincense, are great for creating a calming energy in a space before bedtime.

4. Let Air Circulate

Stagnate air is terrible for the feng shui of your room.

Whenever possible, crack a window open to let new energy circulate inside.

If, however, you live in a noisy neighborhood and cracking a window is not an option, bring a fan in instead.

With these four tips in mind, you should be well on your way to creating a feng shui-friendly bedroom.