A stylish kitchen is the focal point of any home. In 2019, a kitchen is becoming more than a room for mealtimes and entertaining guests. Form and function are the trending norms for kitchens this year.

If you’re looking to revamp your kitchen, 2019 has produced some innovative new designs that will prevail for years to come. The good news is that you don’t need to completely strip out your old units and replace them with new ones – adding features are the way to go!

Extended Kitchen Backsplashes

Interior designers are making a statement with oversized kitchen backsplashes this year. Rather than installing a patch of tiles or metal plating in the typical fashion, backsplashes have become a centerpiece simply by extending them from the kitchen counter all the way to the ceiling.

By covering a large area and dominating the wall behind the hob – sometimes the entire wall – backsplashes bring an extra dimension to the kitchen. Natural materials are also trending for backsplashes which adds texture and a visually engaging feature.

Dark Colors

Light and airy kitchens are becoming a thing of the past as homeowners lean towards sleek, dark colors. The navy and matte black palettes with gold hardware and fixtures are the most popular and there is a wide range of ways to allow dark colors to dominate the room without creating a gloomy atmosphere.

Black works well in sun-drenched kitchens as they create a contrast with the flood of light. Charcoal black cabinets almost sink into the room and create depth whilst marble herringbone tiles lend an engaging pattern to the walls.

Dark cabinets are not only stylish and sophisticated but future-proof as they blend well with stainless steel appliances that are also becoming more popular with electronics manufacturers.

Concealed storage

Kitchen cabinetry has revolutionized ways to maximize storage, organize your groceries, hide clutter, banish rubbish bins and integrate appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and modern and compact boilers.

This year, homeowners are gravitating towards concealed storage units rather than open shelves. Furthermore, clever storage designs enable you to create more space for kitchen clutter regardless of your budget.

Returning to Nature

Rustic settings featuring reclaimed woods and natural stones are becoming increasingly attractive as the material of choice in modern kitchens. The driving force behind this trend is the spreading awareness of using sustainable materials and a desire for city dwellers to return to the arms of Mother Nature.

Consequently, we are seeing a rise in granite and stone floor tiles, marble on the walls and wooden butcher-block style countertops. Natural colors such as light green cabinetry together with natural elements like oak wood tables are also making a comeback.

Hi-Tech Kitchen Appliances

As we move into the world of IoT (Internet of Things), smart technology is gradually being implemented into our homes. Kitchen appliances are getting smarter and 2019 has seen further advancements made in the area of hi-tech white goods.

From family hub refrigerators that know when you’re low on milk to the coffee machine that has your coffee ready for when you surface to digital gadgets and cooking apps on your phone, the connected kitchen helps make mealtimes easier and organizes your shopping list.

Kitchens are often subject to overhauls, but 2019 is seeing a change in the mindset of interior designers. Features are the key to creating an eye-catching kitchen and when the features serve a useful purpose, you kill two cooks with one broth – or something like that!