Miami is famous for its oceanic hotel and luxury spa complex, where the world’s richest people come to enjoy their holidays. Many residences offer a perfect mix of ocean views, burning sun, golden sand, and sleepless nights in numerous nightclubs and chic restaurants. Below, you will find resorts and hotels that offer the best services to their wealthy clients.

Miami does not stop to impress the world with its style, innovation, and construction, architecture, and design progress. If you fall in love with the city, you can get an apartment in Bentley Residences Sunny Isles Beach. This place has all the chances to become the winner on the international market. An impressive project and masterpiece of architecture will not leave you indifferent. Rich people, who deal with investing money into luxury real estate, should pay extra attention to this giant of architecture.

Four Seasons Hotel

The complex is famous for bringing new life to the Surf Club, which has existed since 1930. Richard Meier, the project’s architect, has constructed 77 extra suits and posh rooms, enlarging the historical complex. The team of devoted designers has chosen bright colors to spice up the hotel’s exterior. You will enjoy beige walls, referring to the golden sands of Miami beaches. The territory has direct access to the ocean, which you can see straight from your room.

Hotel South Beach

This hotel’s philosophy is the eco-friendliness and sustainable reusing of green materials. The developer is fully committed to an ecological way of living. There are more than 400 large and super comfortable rooms and luxury suites of 700-square-feet. You can miss beds made of oak trees and cotton mattresses. When you enter a bathroom, you can see impressive rainfall showers. Green tourists adore this complex and come back there many times.

The Villa Casa Casuarina

This hotel was previously a private living residence. It was built in 1930. Gianni Versace bought the complex in 1992 and invested more than thirty million in its renovation. Redesign jobs were done in four years and went even beyond any expectations. This hotel is now one of the most luxurious branded residences in the world. You will enjoy its baroque-inspired lodges, with leopard-print pieces of furniture. Every guest notices unique fashion touches and an exclusive vision of the renowned designer in detail.

Faena Hotel Miami Beach

Alan Faena, the Argentina-based hotelier, was closely collaborating with world-known Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin to develop this project. As a result, they created a retro-luxury sensation with stylish theatrical accents. Guests can enjoy 168 splendid rooms and the enormous hall, which looks like a real cathedral. Your stay would have a special Gatsby-inspired fleur if the books’ events took place in Miami. Besides, you can enjoy a spa center with many relaxing procedures. If you want to taste complete meals, there are two restaurants in Miami: Los Fuegos and Pao.

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