A new mattress is an essential purchase that requires a lot of research and thought beforehand. Being well-rested is much-needed if you want to be productive, healthy, and feel good daily. A high-quality mattress can do wonders for the quality of your sleep and life after you wake up. However, because of endless lists of mattresses, you can choose from, deciding which one will be perfect for you can be tricky. It gets even more complicated when you have special needs, like back or neck pain, and you need to be sure your mattress is relieving the pain. Fortunately, we can offer you advice to make sure that you buy the best affordable mattress that will suit all of your needs. Here are the top five tips for buying a new mattress.

Get to Know Different Mattress Materials

Before you even start to think about going out for mattress shopping, it is crucial that you are familiar with different mattress materials and types. This knowledge can save you a lot of time and trouble when you finally enter the shop.

  • Innerspring mattress – it uses coils that provide the traditional bounce fell as well as strong support.
  • Latex mattress – it typically offers more responsiveness and bounce than a traditional innerspring mattress. It also supports cooler sleep.
  • Memory foam mattress – it is designed to contour the body, which should lead to pressure relief. The users report that a memory foam mattress supports warmer sleep.
  • Hybrid mattress – it combines the memory foam with latex layers on top of an innerspring mattress. It is designed to provide both softness and support.
  • Air mattress – it uses an air pump to adjust the firmness of the mattress to your liking. Usually, each side of your bed will have a separate inflatable chamber to accommodate individual sleeping preferences.

Edge support mattresses can also be rated on the level of their firmness. If a mattress is too old or too soft, it might not support your spine well enough.

Know the Size You Are Looking For

Knowing what size of the mattress you are looking for is another time and money saver. Make sure to adjust the size of your bed to your needs. This step is even more important if you buy more than one product. Quality mattresses can turn out to be very expensive, so consider whether you need a king-size bed for every bedroom. Consider your current lifestyle and the needs that might pop up in the future.

Here are the standard size dimensions for bed mattresses:

  • King Size 76 x 80 inches
  • California King Size 72 x 84 inches
  • Queen Size 60 x 80 inches
  • Full XL 53 x 80 inches
  • Full 53 x 75 inches
  • Twin XL 38 x 80 inches
  • Twin 38 x 75 inches

Ask About Returns, Warranty and Trial Periods

When you are shopping for a mattress, you need to make sure that you get the best product possible, but you should also consider a few formalities surrounding the purchase. Ask the salesperson that will take care of you about the rules of returns. Double-check whether the warranty is in place. Lastly, ask about how long the trial period will be for the mattress of your choosing. Even though you probably already tried the mattress in the store, the real test comes after an entire week or month spent sleeping on it. Protect your right to return the product you might be unsatisfied with.

How Firm Would You Like Your Mattress to Be?

The mattress industry doesn’t have a standardized measurement of mattresses firmness in place. This means one manufacturer’s firm label could be another producer’s extra firm. Use these descriptive terms as a guideline, but not as a certain. This is one of the reasons why it’s so important to try a mattress before you buy it. Most manufacturers rank their mattresses by using a simple verbal description: soft, medium, firm. Others offer a more elaborate 10-point rating system, but there are other systems on the market as well. Before you buy a product, check what kind of system is used for the brand you like to be sure you choose the right firmness.

Remember that Your Health Is Priceless

A good mattress can be quite expensive, but excellent health and a positive mood are priceless. You should, of course, never go way beyond what you can afford, but buying a mattress is the one time where it pays to splurge a little. You’re going to spend around one-third of your time on that mattress, so make those hours count.

Shopping for a mattress is a process that requires a lot of preparation, but it is more than worth it to go through the research and try a couple of different brands before you make your final decision. Good night sleep is one of the essential pleasures of life.