From art deco fixtures to POE lighting, we’re going to explore all of the hottest trends in interior lighting design.

Interior lighting is one of the most important — and challenging — aspects of designing your home. When you are making decisions about your lighting, there are so many factors to consider. For example, you have to factor in the amount of natural daylight in the room, how you intend to use the room, and the size of each room.

Because there are so many factors when it comes to lighting design, it can get overwhelming. That’s why we’re exploring the most popular trends in lighting design to get some ideas flowing. We’ll be discussing everything from POE lighting to emerging trends like retro fixtures. So, feel free to take some inspiration from the hottest trends in interior home lighting,

1.  LED and POE Lighting

LED and POE lighting are becoming cheaper and more accessible for home lighting than ever before

2-3 Top 5 Trends for Interior Home Lighting

Optimize your kitchen lighting using LEDs.

In recent years, LED lighting has become more commonly used in new home designs — and for good reason, LED lighting greatly outperforms incandescent light bulbs when it comes to longevity, light quality, and efficiency. When paired with power over ethernet technology, also known as POE lighting, homeowners are allowed much more control over their lighting settings. Power over ethernet lighting is different from traditional lightning in that ethernet cords can transmit information to and from your lights. This means that by using POE paired with LED lights, you can make your home smarter and more energy efficient.

2.  Smart Home Automation

With the help of POE lighting, you can reap the benefits of adaptive lighting and other smart home automations

3-3 Top 5 Trends for Interior Home Lighting

POE technology makes adaptive lighting possible for residential properties.

As lighting technology advances, smart home integrations are becoming more popular than ever. For new home builds, more homeowners than ever are prioritizing smart lighting. Smart home automation allows you to to control your lighting through smart devices like a smartphone, table, or a smart speaker. That means, you can turn your lights on, off, dim your lights using only your voice.

When paired with POE lighting, you can install light sensors for adaptive lighting. Adaptive lighting means that your interior lights automatically adjust based on the amount of natural light coming into your living space. It is also possible to install motion sensors so your lights turn on automatically when you enter a room. These features not only save you from straining your eyes by accidentally working in the pitch dark — you’ll also be saving money on your electricity bill.

3.  Industrial Lighting

More and more homeowners are opting for simple and retro looking lighting fixtures

4-1 Top 5 Trends for Interior Home Lighting

Add an industrial flair to your bedroom by updating your lighting.

Industrial lighting has been a common choice for many commercial spaces in recent years. However, industrial leaning trends are just starting to gain popularity in the residential market. The common industrial lighting trends showing up in homes are more upgraded industrial fixtures. “Upgraded” — in this sense means that there are more creative finishes, colors and lights that you can pair with your industrial motif. To really integrate these fixtures into your home design, try matching a color of finish to a different appliance or piece of furniture in your home. While industrial lighting is designed to stand out, it is important that it blends in with your overall lighting and design plan.

4.  Art Deco and Mid Century Modern Styles

Geometric styles are coming back into fashion for interior design

5-1 Top 5 Trends for Interior Home Lighting

Art deco lighting can turn your bedroom from outdated to on trend.

If you’re looking for something fresh — either for a new build or a home redesign — why not try out some art deco or mid century modern lighting styles. These styles are characterized by no-nonsense geometric designs that give your home a simple yet stylish look. To use art deco and mid century modern styles in your home, you should position them as the focal point of your room. Despite their simplicity, these kinds of striking geometric light fixtures are sure to draw attention, so it’s best to use these designs sparingly.

5.  Simplicity is Key

Keeping in line with art deco and mid century modern trends — many homeowners choosing simplicity over business

6-1 Top 5 Trends for Interior Home Lighting

Modern style is all about editing to avoid an over cluttered look.

These days, excessive ornamentation is swiftly going out of style. Many designing their home interior are actively trying to avoid cluttered looking decor pieces. Because of this, lighting design is moving toward clean lines and neutral colors.

When designing your space, whether it be your bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen, avoid ornate and shiny designs. Many designers even predict that minimalism will continue to grow in popularity in coming years. Simplicity also applies to the number of fixtures in a given room, so it’s best to limit yourself to one or two standout lighting fixtures per room.

Though there are general trends popping up when it comes to interior lighting. Your decisions will ultimately depend on your personal tastes. Overall, home lighting is moving in a more simplistic and automated direction. POE lighting systems, LED lights, and other advancements are excellent ways to optimize your energy use, while modern designs add a bit of style to your space. So, keep these trends in mind for your next interior design project especially if you are looking for a more modern feel in your home.

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