You must’ve heard of vinyl flooring as it’s been a quiet time that vinyl planks have taken over the flooring industry. As we live in an era of technological advancement, these floorings are also engineered in a way that can be easily installed in your home. Vinyl plank is fabricated in the form of strips. It has diverse forms with a true resemblance of a particular wood like oak, maple, ash and the list go on.  They are made to be waterproof and water-resistant which unlocks the doors of options for you, you can install this type of flooring in the bathroom as well as in laundry. With that being said here are the top 6 reasons why you should choose vinyl flooring for your home,

  1. Affordable:-
    Thanks to the number of advances over the years that today Vinyl floors come under many affordable options so that you don’t have to sacrifice style at low cost. As compared to the genuine wood and other flooring options the vinyl flooring costs you less. But a suggestion here is to be careful of brands that offer too cheap or unrealistic prices as you might get yourself a low-quality product which will not last. So we recommend duralux vinyl plank. As this company offers amazing discounts on which you can save a lot of your money and vast variation of vinyl floors to choose from. You can find duralux vinyl plank review here.
  2. Super easy to install!
    Another reason why you should opt for vinyl flooring is that it is super easy to install.  Vinyl flooring is DIY friendly and much quicker to install as compared to other floorings. If you are a DIY enthusiast then in little time with the minimum carpentry skills and the workforce of your family, this is a great DIY project. But if you are one of the types who does not cherish the DIY approach then you can just the home improvement store to install the flooring. As vinyl planks need to be glued down, that makes it so easy to fix them. You just need to make sure that they are correctly set and click to lock them down. Super easy right?
  3. Durability:-
    Vinyl flooring is long durable, water-resistant, stain resistance. It stands up well to heavy foot traffic.  It is very easy to maintain, unlike the other floorings. It gives a warmer touch which makes it special. On average a vinyl floor can last up to 20 years which a long time. It is even better than the tile because ceramic tile is more prone to damage if you accidentally drop something heavy on it but the vinyl flooring can survive it which adds a bonus point for the vinyl flooring.
  4. Limitless styles:-
    The best thing about vinyl flooring is the diverse variety of styles it lets your design creativity run free so you can choose freely which style would complement your Livingroom, kitchen, or bathroom. Although vinyl has been around for a generation, technological advancements have created vinyl flooring modern. Now it offers trendy options that replicate natural stone and hardwood flooring with the visual depth and realistic looking textures which includes reclaimed texture, wire-brushed texture, distressed texture, and the list goes on. You can choose between the wood and stone look too.
  5. Versatility:-
    No other flooring type can beat vinyl flooring when it comes to versatility because of its all-around attributes. Since the vinyl flooring is well equipped for ruggedness and high moisture areas it can easily fit anywhere in your home. This flooring does not rot, nor fades its color due to its waterproof nature and excellent durability it would shine in your kitchen, bathroom too. It doesn’t just stop here in vinyl flooring you can also choose from various sizes and thicknesses as per your choice. The photography technology allows the vinyl to impersonate the appearance of any flooring style you could possibly want in the most indistinguishable way from the real thing.
  6. Easy to change:-
    Vinyl flooring can easily be changed so if at any point in time you think that you want to adopt a new trend, vinyl flooring planks are easier to take out and replace.  While replacing vinyl flooring you don’t need to pull out the existing hard surface floor besides doing that you can just install the vinyl flooring directly on the top of the existing hard surface floor.

So, don’t wait further and make the move to get the most stylish, affordable flooring today.