Investing in a Condo is an overwhelming adventure. Finding the right property takes time and effort. You look for guidance and help all around. In this scenario, a realtor is the only professional who could help you in finding the right property at a lucrative price.

They can help you decide on the right condo in Gulf-Breeze, Florida with an ideal location, price and amenities. Let’s explore what a condo is and what to check before buying it.

What is a Condo?

A condominium or a condo is a large building divided into several housing units which are individually owned. These usually have a minimum of 5 housing units. A condominium generally presents better amenities and structures than apartments. If you’ve just shifted to Florida and are looking for a well-resourced place, then a condo is the best option for you. Apart from amenities, there are plenty of other things that a condo comes with.

Let’s discuss more!

Benefits of buying a condo

A condo offers many advantages over traditional housing sectors like:

Affordability – they are low-cost housing units and hence they are more affordable.

Great connectivity – Condos usually have great connectivity with entertainment zones, business centres, transport facilities, retail stores etc.

Flexibility – condominiums offer a flexible lifestyle without restrictions.

Security – The safety of the residents is well maintained in the condos.

Amenities – Often facilities like fitness centres, swimming pools, sports complex and other amenities are added to it.

7 things that you must consider before buying a condo

Here’s your guide to buying the ideal condo for you and your family

1. Location

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Turn up to location check prior as it’s the most important factor to consider before buying a condo. It is crucial to look for proximity to transportation and social infrastructural facilities before buying a condo. Find a location where just a few steps will take you to grocery stores, entertainment, restaurants etc. It can also reduce the commute to your workplace and ensure great convenience. You will find some condos that have gardens, courtyards and other outdoor spaces for the residents to enjoy. Also, note that a condo won’t extend much space and privacy.

2. Price

Earlier condos used to be cheap but now due to the hike in the prices of properties they cost a significant amount. Compare the location, amenities and cost of different condos before making a decision. Also, a condominium is an investment with guaranteed investment. You can always choose to rent your condo for some extra money.

3. Mortgage requirements

For buying a condo, a minimum credit score of around 620 is required. For an FHA loan, at least a score of 580 is required. Make sure you meet the requirements before applying for a condominium.

4. Condo rules

Buying a condominium doesn’t make you the owner of the whole building. It belongs to a set of owners which has their association for implementing the rules and regulations. Thus you will be asked to abide by a certain set of rules and regulations while living in a condo. Make sure you understand the rules well before moving into a Condo.

5. Amenities
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A well-designed condo put forward a wide range of facilities. A luxury condo can offer luxe perks while others can extend casual amenities like gyms, recreational areas, swimming pools etc. Check in advance for the amenities available and add on if possible. These amenities also offer high investment value in the longer run.

6. Association fees

Condo associations have some charges that are paid by the condo owners. The maintenance and insurance charges have to be paid alongside developmental fees. It’s better to understand the functioning of the association and the charges associated before buying a condo. This association fee can cover a bunch of facilities like building maintenance, sewer services, water facility, amenities charges, repairs, parking charges etc.

7. Size

The size of your condo matters a lot. It decides your living comfort. Get the exact measurements of the unit with that of rooms for an idea. Also, make sure your furniture will fit in the condo well. If the property is suitable for your requirements then go ahead with this one otherwise, try looking for a bigger condo.


A condo is a more appealing alternative than residential plots, apartments etc. Buying a condo extends a great experience while building equity at the same moment.

It has great perks in store for everyone out there. Another advantage of condos is that they are great investment options. Whether you sell it short or keep it long, it will surely benefit you. You can even rent the condo to the tenants on the lease. This will help you earn a considerable passive income.

You must consult a real estate expert with a great knowledge of condos to help you in your search and guide you throughout the buying process. If you have been thinking of buying a condominium, plan it soon as the rates of property are continuously increasing.

Also, the rates are determined to a great extent by the location and the comfort put forward. Be stubborn about your must-haves and flexible for your nice-to-have properties. Compare a few condos before coming to a conclusion.

Hope you get your ideal condo soon!

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