Either small or big, everybody dreams of having a home! From modern villas, contemporary houses to small apartments, there are plenty of available options. But these days, it requires a lot of investments, and for some people having a property still remains a dream only. How about investing in a property that fulfills all your requirements and that too on a decent budget? 

Yes, a single floor house plan is an excellent option as a first home, and also there are plenty of benefits such as less maintenance, lower bills, and, most importantly, you’ll have more interaction with your family. Today we have collected nine various types of single floor house designs with stunning designs and practical layouts. To get more information on these, take a look at the below astonishing residences.

9 Remarkable Single Floor House Front Designs

1. Contemporary House Design

image001-1 Top 9 Single Floor House Designs of 2020

This contemporary styled single floor home, perfect for those who are looking for a clean, classy, and elegant house design. It consists of a spacious living room, an open kitchen, and three bedrooms. The outer facade is mostly kept off white. The windows and doors frame and roof are in rich royal blue color, which is looking mesmerizing!

2. Minimalist House Plan

image003-1 Top 9 Single Floor House Designs of 2020

Bright and breezy – this beautiful Atrium 28 house is from MOJO Homes and it is a perfect family home! When you have everything at one level, your life becomes easy and convenient. Here the dining and entertainment room opens out to the large outdoor area. Your family will surely love living in this style of a single floor house design.

3. Industrial House Plan

image005-1 Top 9 Single Floor House Designs of 2020

It is a small but fancy hut, perfect for those who love industrial style houses. Here the facade is entirely made from white concrete, and the garage is covered with exposed bricks. The flats roofs and long narrow glass windows are completing the edgy look of this house.

4. Traditional House Design

image007-1 Top 9 Single Floor House Designs of 2020

Looking for a home that represents your personality? Then you’ll love this Airlie 23 residence, and again it’s from the MOJO homes builder company . Its simple design and practical layout will create a wonderful living experience for you. This spacious single floor house design has four Bedrooms with Ensuite baths and Walk-in Robe; Outdoor Living; Pantry and Walk-in Linen, and so much more.

5. Rectangular Transparent Glasshouse

image009-1 Top 9 Single Floor House Designs of 2020

Want something unusual and unique? Try this luxurious glasshouse, which is rectangular in shape. If anyone would see it from the front, they’ll think that you’re living in a glass box. There are wooden frames that cover and support these large glass panels.

6. Rustic House Plan

image011-1 Top 9 Single Floor House Designs of 2020

This is a rustic single floor house front design with a modern twist. Quite spacious and cleverly designed Carrington Promenade One 30 residence (from MOJO homes) has everything and that too in a decent budget. The Carrington Promenade has open plan Living space, dining, kitchen, study nook,  and bedrooms that are thoughtfully placed away from the main living areas’ hustle and bustle.

7. Modern House Plan

image013-1 Top 9 Single Floor House Designs of 2020

This modern single floor house design features high ceilings, floor to ceiling glass windows, and a large outdoor green area. There is also an open pool right in front of the house, where you can enjoy with your family and friends. If you love nature and greenery, this home will be ideal for you!

8. Simple Single Floor House Plan

image015-1 Top 9 Single Floor House Designs of 2020

Oasis 30 is one of the most popular home project by MOJO Homes, and even you can also be captivated by its free-flowing design. Complete with all of life’s necessities and luxuries, this generous, well-proportioned home will be perfect for medium to large families.

9. Single Floor Villa Plan

image017 Top 9 Single Floor House Designs of 2020

Who says villas have to be huge and massive? Look at this small villa, doesn’t it look spectacular? From minimalist facade designs to the spacious family room, this residence has everything that you’ll find in any big villa. With proper lighting all around the house, this villa is perfect for a family of four!

To Sum Up…

So these are some of the functional and practical layouts of the single floor houses researched by James Harrison. Every residence has its own benefits and drawbacks. So it is always better to go with the one that fulfills yours and your family requirements. You can also find more amazing house designs at Architecturesideas.