Innovations for modern living in the digital age have been so pervasive that even services such as plumbing are now a fingertip’s tap away. Gone were the times when you needed to scan the yellow pages to look for phone numbers of plumbers and plumbing services. Back then, you needed to call plumbers to come over to your house, a task that can be really time-consuming and anxiety-inducing – you just can’t be sure when the plumber will come while the leak in your kitchen sink or bathroom is slowly turning your floor into a swamp! Well, thank goodness for smartphones and mobile apps.

Now, even the well-needed maintenance and repair services you always dreaded to call are just one tap away. Service providers are flourishing and mobile apps linked to these service providers are also plenty to choose from.

These top plumbing service apps we are going to explore are in no particular order but were chosen based on the criteria of accessibility, service quality and reliability.


4_search_exposed-skill Top Apps for Homeowners Looking for Plumbers

The TaskRabbit app was originally developed for general task assistance and then included professional maintenance and repair services such as plumbing. The app is easy to use and there is a wide range of tasks and services to choose from. The service providers are certified professionals and there is also a guarantee of insurance coverage for any damage incurred during service. Accessibility wise, TaskRabbit provides services across most cities and states in the United States. So if you are looking for plumbers in Orange County, CA, TaskRabbit can be a good place to look.


Fumble is a great app for finding a handyman that can meet your task specifications. The app is very detailed and features the profile picture, skills, and competencies of all its available handyman. It also has a rating system too, so you can rate your handyman or plumber’s job after they are done. It also has wide availability so there is pretty much a handyman you can contact in your local area.


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Thumbtack started as a project application platform that provided services for a range of household and office projects and expanded its services to professional repair and maintenance. The app is easy to use and features a form that you can fill to provide your basic information and your task specification. A minimum of 5 service professionals will be provided for you to choose from and the necessary information you need from the service provider is also included in their individual profiles. So if you need the services of a plumber, you will be provided at least 5 plumbers for you to choose from. It is available nationwide in the US, so you’re always likely to find a service provider with this app.


The HomeAdvisor specializes in home improvement, maintenance and repair projects. The app features an extensive array of services to any possible task or project in or around the house. This app comes with a profile and pricing system wherein app users can decide if, say, for example, a plumber’s price is worth the skillset in his profile.


Smith is a handyman app specifically made for home projects. The app provides services for any kind of job at home. The app features an interactive bidding method wherein you can take a picture of the project you want to be done, like fixing your leaking pipes and the app will present you top 3 professional plumbers from which you just select the one you prefer, according to

With a lot of professional service apps to choose from, looking for a plumber has never been easier. A wide variety and choice can allow service app subscribers to find one app that can meet their different needs and preferences. So pick up that phone now, start swiping and tapping, and book a plumber right away!