Nightstands, lamps, pillows, beds — whether you are an aspiring interior decorator or would just like to make your home have a little makeover; one of the most challenging places to design in a home is the bedroom because it is all about functionality and coziness. You shouldn’t worry; we have created a list of decorating ideas that you can implement and have the perfect bedroom design.

If you have been thinking of how you can decorate your bedroom, below are some interior design ideas to help you get started:

1.  Make the Colors Subtle

The perfect bedrooms need to be comfortable, soothing areas and the ideal colors for that are delicate color schemes: light color palettes such as light blue and lavender or natural colors such as creams and whites. This doesn’t mean that you need to make your bedroom boring — if the colors you love are bold ones, be free to experiment with several ways to incorporate interesting color pops. Opt for a couple of bold throw pillows; a bedspread, comforter, or a busy duvet cover; you can even go for an interesting wallpaper or paint color on the ceiling or an accent wall.

2.  Ensure You Can Move

An excellent way to make your bedroom have that relaxing and restful vibe is to concentrate on the ease of movement. Where possible, try avoiding too much extraneous bedroom furniture in your room so that you aren’t tripping over coffee tables and bookcases. This is particularly necessary for small rooms and small spaces where there’s limited space that you need to ensure you can breathe. If you are finding it difficult, you can opt for storage spaces such as drawers beneath your bed.

3.  Invest In The Right Bed

Right from selecting a bed frame, mattress, and bedsheets, to getting the ideal pillow supports, these bed basics are important to make your bedroom have a beautiful look. Two things you should look out for when choosing the right bed are comfort and beauty. When it comes to comfort, it starts with the mattress. When choosing a mattress, you should go for a mattress that’s not only comfortable but also sustainable so that it will be good for you and the environment. For the role of the bed in the entire beauty of your room, that’s where bedding and bed frame come in. Make sure you select bedding and a bed frame that goes with the entire theme of your room.

4.  Make Your Lighting Layered

Instead of relying on only your table lamp or overhead light, it is an excellent thing to layer your bedroom lighting, meaning you should include lots of different sources of light that you can turn on and off for maximum cohesion and functionality. A chandelier is not needed for your lighting to be layered — think about the several simple light sources you can have in your bedroom. These light sources include sconces, dimmers, pendant lights, reading lights, table lamps, bedside lamps, floor lamps, overhead lights, and built-in natural light. You can choose a number of those to add.

5.  Spread the Soft Touches

Every bedroom has a large soft item in them, and that is the bed (mostly the room’s focal point). So that the body’s visual softness can be balanced, try to include that softness in a couple of places, as this will help avoid making the other parts of the room feel too “hard” in comparison. Plush throw blankets, area rugs, or window drapes are excellent ways of spreading the soft look to the entire room.

6.  Don’t Forget the Ceiling

Your bedroom’s largest clean surface is the ceiling, and almost all amateur home decorators do not remember it — that makes it a very much untapped resource in bedrooms. If you’d like to make your bedroom have a special touch, try wallpapering or painting your ceiling with a delicate pattern or color. You can even decide to opt for a modeled ceiling if you want a particularly elegant room look.

7.  Try a Nook

We all want our bedrooms to feel like a special space where we can just relax. If you’ve got the space and are searching for something more to give your bedroom that homely feel, think about ways of making for yourself a private nook. A comfy chair and footstool, a loft, or even a window seat all make for excellent places to relax and have some private time.


Anytime you’re thinking of bedroom design ideas, you shouldn’t get so caught up using decorating ideas that you are left with a bedroom that isn’t of your style. Your bedroom needs to feel comfortable and be of your style, so ensure that you choose what appeals to you. If there’s a particular thing you love, maybe it’s upholstered headboards or greenery, ensure you include it while designing your perfect room.

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