It’s expensive to redecorate a property. So, today’s buyers prefer properties that are move-in ready. But this means, the design must be right.

After all tastes vary from person-to-person. Sure, you might love neutral shades, but your neighbour prefers bright colours. Don’t let this confuse you.

Moreover, if you’re looking for tips on how to sell your house and want to find out what the top design trends are right now, then read on.

Open plan living

Good-bye separate rooms—this traditional home layout is being abandoned in favour of something more flexible. Changing lifestyles means more people work from home these days, but also value spending time with friends and family. From a kitchen diner to a home office, open plan living creates a more sociable and homely environment.

Before you start knocking down the walls, make sure you consider how the ‘space’ will work. For instance, don’t forget to provide storage options, stage furniture to create zones (e.g. teenage zone, quiet zone or grown-up space), think about lighting and colour to help you define the role of each area.

Modern Rustic Kitchen

For most house buyers, the kitchen is the most important room in the house. Current design trends favour a minimal industrial approach so make sure the kitchen is de-cluttered and appliances are hidden away out of sight. But it doesn’t have to be all monochrome, you can channel a little 18th-century farmhouse too. To do this, add rustic touches by using natural products like wood and stone, clay tiles and earthy tones to create that weathered look.

Let there be light

Allowing as much natural light into your home is essential. Bad lighting can kill the appeal of a room in an instant making it feel small and dirty and therefore totally unappealing to prospective buyers. If natural light is in short supply (maybe your windows face the wrong way), invest in proper lighting.

As buyers become more environmentally aware, LED’s are growing in popularity. You can also add fun features such as coloured lighting in the shower and voice-controlled switches giving your buyers full-control over setting the ambience in the property.

A cool colour palette

Ditch the magnolia. Even if you’re preparing your home for sale and want to give it the neutral makeover, avoid creme colours. Instead, use earth tones or pastel shades and don’t be afraid to add a splash of colour (in moderation) but either painting a feature wall a darker shade or installing a bright coloured cupboard door or another small piece of furniture.


Today’s house buyers don’t just want stylish design, they also value the environment. For starters, ensure you have a good energy efficiency rating. This will not only help reduce the homes carbon footprint but also lower energy costs while keeping it warm and cosy.

Here are a few more ideas

  • Use organic paint.
  • Go for natural or recycled materials for flooring and furniture rather than plastic. E.g. bamboo makes excellent wall cladding due it’s lightweight.
  • Don’t be afraid to use stone and glass too.
  • Add fresh plants to decorate your home.

Make it Smart

Buyers these days are tech-savvy, which means they expect their home to have smart functionality.

Here’s a quick checklist:

  • How fast is your internet connection?
  • Is your home networked?
  • Are your devices integrated that are centrally managed in one place?
  • Are your entertainment systems interconnected?
  • Is there a clear mobile signal?