Every garden needs a healthy amount of shade. To be without it may cause you to be uncomfortable, and it may even jeopardise your health with things like heat stroke and sunburn.

Summer is not over until September 22nd. Moreover, the September of 2020 was recorded as the warmest globally, and heatwaves are currently on the way in the UK for 2021 as well. There’s no guarantee of cooler days in the build-up to autumn, so it’s essential to be prepared.

Some shading solutions may require you to prepare in advance for the next year’s warmer weather too. Additionally, you can also lend some style to these proceedings and create a garden that not only protects you but also accentuates your tremendous charisma.

Read on for some ideas on creating shade in your garden. Remember, many of these suggestions may also add significant value to your property as well.

Plant Trees

Trees can be an excellent addition to a garden space. They can grow large and cover vast amounts of space.

Alder trees can grow up to 25m at a rate of 1 metre or more per year when young, making them one of the trees that have faster growth periods. Willow and blackthorn trees are also worthy inclusions too. There are many other options to mention, so do some research to see what types of trees will benefit you and your garden space best.

You must plant your trees within the confines of the law too. The roots should not damage your neighbour’s property nor block out daylight from their premises without consent. Informing properties next door of any developments that may affect them is also considered to be good etiquette. It’s worth following all the necessary procedures so that you can enjoy your tree shade in peace, without rowing with those nearby.

Trees have other perks too. They can provide a habitat for singing birds and create a soothing atmosphere. Additionally, they can have an enormous, dramatic presence without taking up too much lawn space, enabling you to do more with a shaded area.

Include Awnings

Awnings can also be highly decorative and unrivalled when creating shaded areas at the side or back of your building. Featuring them is highly recommended all year round.

If you install awnings over your windows or atop your conservatory, then you’ll prevent sun damage and UV rays from affecting the areas around them indoors too. Some awnings are even self-cleaning, giving you low maintenance solutions for shading. After all, you don’t need to trim them down periodically or wait for them to grow as you would with a tree, at least.

You can find a range of high-quality awnings with Nationwide LTD, including patio, rain, and freestanding variations. Terrace iterations can also be used, enabling you to create stylish and cosy seating areas beneath them too. An expert engineer fits every offering, but before that, you can enjoy a free, no-obligation consultation period and visit their showrooms. Additionally, you can enjoy the perks of a 5-year guarantee as well.



Introduce Shade Sail Canopies

Shade sail canopies can be a delightful addition to any garden area. They can come in many different shapes, sizes, and colours and provide a good amount of shade in the process.

Shade sails can be a great way to add a splash of your personality as you tinker with lighting in your garden. They can also be more versatile in that some of these products can also be water-resistant and weather-proof. Some have higher UV ratings than others, too, enabling you to create more effective shaded areas.

It may be worth browsing the best shade sails of 2021 so that you can make a more informed decision in terms of quality and budget too. Moreover, shade sails can be small and fill corners of your garden, so keep your purposes in mind too. They’ll work well with other sources of shade as well, so don’t shy away from using them as more of a subtle, stylish nuance rather than your sole countermeasure.

Depending on how tightly they are fitted, some shade sails may also flap and blow somewhat in the wind. The sound of their waving and rippling may be relaxing to hear as you enjoy the shade, so keep that in mind as well.

Feature a Gazebo

Gazebos can be charming hut-like structures that give your garden a unique flair. They also provide a good amount of shading both inside and around them.

Of course, many owners of gazebos treat them as small part esq buildings. They can be the settings of both a wedding or a BBQ, which gives them a broad range of appeal. Whether you wish for your garden to be a formal, classy space, or a relaxed and laidback area, a gazebo can contribute to either mood effectively.

Gazebos can also be used all year round. Their smaller stature also means they’re easier to look after, as there’s not an awful lot to clean and maintain. Additionally, these spaces can also be somewhat intimate, allowing you to enjoy cosier social encounters. In the end, people often flock to the gazebo for shade, and they stay for the good times that follow.

Consider a Pergola

Pergolas have a unique take on managing areas for shade. In addition to shading seating areas, they can pleasantly cover walkways as well.

Still, you need to consider that pergolas typically allow for beams of sunlight to shine through via the slates on their roofs. That said, this type of effect may be what you’re aiming for, as the partial shade can still be enjoyed. It may create a specific ambience for you or create mesmerising beams of sunlight for you to appreciate.

Moreover, some pergolas have retractable shade covers so that you can customise the level of shade you wish to enjoy. There is room for flexibility here, so if some limitations put you off, perhaps explore some of the more accommodating pergola iterations available to you.

Move Portable Parasols

Depending on the position of your home, some of your shade solutions may be slightly inconvenient at specific points of the day. After all, the sun moves around a great deal as time goes by.

Parasols aren’t many people’s first choice for shade, as they can often be intrusive or take up table space. However, some can be freestanding and lightweight, which means you merely need to pick it up and set it down elsewhere. You don’t need to worry about not being strong enough to change things around here.

Understandably, some people may find this to be something of a bother. However, so long as you’re patient, it can still be an effective way of scoring yourself some shade in your garden. It can also be done very cheaply too. It all comes down to whether you can be bothered to switch things up and how long you want to use your outdoor areas on any given day.


As you can see, there are many ways to add shade to your garden. Some of the options available to you have multi-purpose functions also, giving a home to creatures or facilitating characterful social spaces. Remember, you don’t need to pick only one option either. Many of these solutions can exist alongside one another perfectly well, enabling you to create many different shaded areas that each have their own ambience and perks.

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