Kitchens are considered by most people to be the heart of the home. Most of us have breakfast there, drink our coffee there, and also spend a lot of time cooking. This is why you need to make it as pleasant looking as possible so that you will enjoy your time spent in the kitchen. Here are a few trends that are likely to take over in 2022.

  1. Custom Kitchen Furniture

Ready-made cabinetry used to be very popular several years back, mainly because of its ease of availability. Nowadays, people are trying to make the most of the space that they have – which is why custom kitchens have risen in demand. Interior designers are focusing on creating furniture that is not only practical and space-saving but also creative.

“Kitchens are evolving as our needs are. More than ever, clients are asking for hardworking kitchens that are high-performance without sacrificing on design. They want their kitchens to feel comfortable, with ample space to take them through the needs of their day. From having an intimate nook to work or sip a morning espresso to spacious, custom-made ranges and other appliances that gather families and friends to cook together,” says Chad Dorsey, owner of Chad Dorsey Design.

  1. Imperfect Finishes

People are no longer searching for perfect, glossy, same-color finishes that look like new. They want designs that look lived-in, or well-worn. This design is a response to the naturalism movement that seems to be more popular every day. People want kitchens that seem to have aged gracefully, even though it was just built last month.

Polished, lustrous stone is getting replaced with soapstone, ash green, and patinated metal. Matted looks with a texture will give the kitchen more warmth. The natural look will make the room feel much more welcoming.

  1. Colorful Kitchens

In the ‘50s, colored cabinets were all the rage, with almost everyone painting their kitchen cabinets in rich blue or yellow. After that, muted tones such as cream and white took over and people preferred a clean, minimalist look instead. Now, color seems to be making a comeback.

“We’re seeing a move away from the all-white kitchen in favor of cabinets that are bold and adventurous. There’s sure to be a lot of green and maybe even yellow, but I think homeowners will be exploring a full range of colors and materials,” says designer Killy Scheer, from Scheer & Co.

  1. Hidden Storage

Nowadays, people want to have a lot of storage in their homes, but without making it too obvious. The minimalist look is still standing, but this does not mean that people no longer have things in their kitchens.

In fact, with the multitude of appliances, people now have too many things in their kitchens – and everything seems to be placed either on the cabinets or in empty areas where there is no furniture.

This is why more and more people are coming up with hidden storage ideas. This can involve anything from a pull-out pantry shelf between your fridge and the wall, or a hidden closet for your broom or garbage can. People are now going for coffee stations that can be hidden inside a cabinet, adding more space into the room, and giving a better sense of calmness.

  1. Wood Tones

Nowadays, the sustainability movement has pushed people away from plastic and synthetic/painted wood to using natural materials and reclaimed wood. The warm tone of wood brings depth and calmness to a kitchen, something that people want these days.

“Recently, there’s been a strong move into wood applications as a way of adding warmth to the kitchen. For the last few years, the cabinet of choice has been a very light, white oak. And while we still love this light wood look, we are seeing a move to even deeper, richer wood tones,” says interior designer Carrie Delaney.

The Verdict

The year 2022 will likely have a kitchen trend available for everyone’s preferences. Wood seems to be taking over, but colors are making a comeback as well. This year is a time to be daring, but also a time to focus on your comfort. Choose the design that works best with your tastes.

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