1. Not Scaling Things Properly

This is a big one that you’ll find a lot of homeowners making. Many people buy artwork and pictures and start hanging them without the thought of placement beforehand. You need to figure out where you will be placing the pictures before because it will dictate the size of pictures you should be getting.

If you are planning on placing pictures on a large empty wall, you want pictures large enough that they won’t look bad. Having too small of a picture on a large wall can drown out the picture and throw the entire room off. Try to fit the size of the picture with the size of the wall and even the furniture that is underneath it. You want everything to be evenly scaled so it looks good together.

2. Hanging Pictures Too High

Another mistake that you need to avoid doing is hanging your pictures too high. Placing pictures too high is a common rookie mistake. It’s hard to know why this happens so often, but it does. In general, you want the majority of the frame to be centered on the wall. Usually, this is around eye level.

If the ceilings are extremely high, you can go a little bit higher. However, you never want to hang it too high. Hanging the pictures too high can make everything look weird. Pictures are meant to attract the eyes. If they are too high, you’ll have people looking up rather than where they should be looking.

3. Having Poor Spacing

Another very common mistake that a lot of people end up running into when they are new at hanging pictures and artwork is not getting the spacing right. You want to do some measurements with your walls and your pictures. Figure out the number of pictures that you’ll be placing on each wall and the spacing that you will be using. The spacing should be consistent with the size of the picture and the wall itself.

The best way to avoid getting the spacing wrong is by measuring beforehand and by using tape to map it out. You can use tape which will make it easy to visualize where all of the pictures are going. This is good because you don’t have to hammer your walls until you think it looks good. Having pictures hanging too close to one another or too far away is never a good look.

Tips For Hanging Pictures

1. Choose The Right Frames

The frame that you choose for your pictures can make a big difference when it comes to getting it to look good. You don’t want inconsistency with the framing and the other decor you have chosen for the room.

2. Use The Right Nails

Not only do you want the nail to be strong enough to hold up the picture and its entire weight, but you also want to avoid using too many nails at the same time. Using too many could compromise the integrity of the picture frame and cause it to split sooner than you’d like. You could also try using hanging strips and opting to hang it without a nail.

3. Use Velcro To Keep The Picture Aligned

One of the major problems a lot of people run into when they are hanging pictures and other artwork is having crooked frames. No matter how much effort you put into getting the picture centered and getting everything level, it always seems to get crooked. A good way to fix this without altering the picture is by adding a strip of Velcro to the back of the frame and the wall. This can add friction and keep the frame in place so you never have to go around and straighten the frames again.

Overall, there are plenty of mistakes you can easily avoid with proper preparation. It comes down to planning things ahead of time. Also, you want to use some of the tips above to get the most out of your pictures for your decor.

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