We put a lot of effort into our homes. We improve the design, the function, and the feel.

We decorate our properties with beautiful antiques and artwork, and in doing so we create a haven. We build our lives and we build our family.

We trust that we are protected and secure within our homes, and as soon as our property is broken into, whether we are at home or not when this occurs, our haven is ruined.

Having your property broken into is one of the most violating things that can happen to a family. A stranger has broken into your home after all, breaking your trust in your safety and security. You should have a right to go to sleep feeling safe, your children have a right to feel safe, and as soon as someone breaks into your home, you lose that sense of security.

You might even lose sleep over it, which is why you need to ensure you have adequate level of home insurance and increased security measures.

aig-household-theft-final Top Tips for Protecting Your Property

Precious belongings, expensive belongings, and even non-valuable items that were damaged during the break in are all irreplaceable.

Antiques that were hard to come by, your grandmother’s necklace, your bike – these are items that don’t just have a numerical value, but a deeper, more intrinsic one. While you always need home insurance, you also need to know whether your contents are covered and how you can avoid a burglary.

What is the prime time for criminal activity?

safety Top Tips for Protecting Your Property

Garda have recently conducted a study that show an increase in burglaries during the winter months. The darkness and short days make your property the perfect victim, and this can all occur while you are out having an after-work drink with your co-workers or even when you are at home and sleeping.

This trend is unfortunately increasing, with 2017 seeing the biggest spike in burglaries between the hours of 5pm and 10pm. It’s also noted that the most common items people steal is jewelry, money and portable electrical devices as well as televisions and desktop computers.

What can I do to prevent it?

To reduce your chances of being burgled, you must be extra vigilant. Always secure doors and windows when you leave your property, use timers on your lights in the evenings, and, of course, have and use a security system. In fact, you should arm your property even when you are at home.

Most thieves are deterred by these simple measures, and if they are not, the alarm going off will alert you and the authorities once it happens. Don’t take your personal safety lightly. Protect your home, protect your belongings, and you will have peace of mind that can’t be bought.

main_img Top Tips for Protecting Your Property

With these increased burglaries, however, you also want to do as much as you can to ensure that you have best home insurance possible. Undervaluing your items does nothing except mean you won’t have the compensation you need to buy these replacements.

Jewelry, for instance, is commonly undervalued. This is done likely because the resale of your jewelry won’t be that high if, for instance, you were to try to sell it yourself.

The key thing you need to remember is that your insurance isn’t there to cover the cost of the value of your belongings, but rather to help you replace what was stolen. It’s stated that in an average claim for an Irish household is 4,970 Euros. However, put the brakes on before the damage is done and look for ways to deter a break-in.