Apartment living has a lot of benefits – which is why so many people do it. Apartment living is more compact, and despite often missing out on the garden side of things if you’re not on the bottom floor, you often get a balcony which entitles you to some pretty good views. A lot of the time, apartments are also situated near city centres, which means they have great access to public transport, shops, bars and restaurants which is what makes them so popular amongst young first time buyers. However, one thing apartments don’t often boast is a lot of space – and if space does one thing, it sells. Whether you’re selling an apartment and want to boost its value, or you’re just wanting to utilise the space that you already have – here are some top tips on how you can make a small apartment, feel bigger.

Use Lighter Colours

If you’re selling a property, one of the first things you’re told by professional sellers such as this company, is to use light and neutral colours in your decorating. Not only is this to give the room a blank background in order for potential buyers to see the room as it is so they can picture their own décor there, but it gives the illusion of the space being larger too.

The lighter the colours you use throughout the space – whether that be paint on the walls or furnishings – the brighter and larger the space will look. These colours also lend themselves particularly well to the interior design trend of minimalism, which has been rife for some time and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere fast! In Japanese culture, minimalism is all about only having what you need, and although the interior design trend isn’t quite so extreme, you can see it takes inspiration from this! Basically, it highlights the fact that there is no need to fill every inch of space in a room, and in fact, encourages quite the opposite.

By doing this, you’ll not only be partaking in one of the hottest interior trends right now, but you’ll be making the most of every inch of your apartment. After all, isn’t that what compact living is all about?

Place Mirrors Wisely

Mirrors are handy for checking your hair and making sure you look good before you go out – but have you ever thought of the larger effects that they can actually have on a room?

Beautifully decorative and practical in more ways than one, mirrors can make a room look larger, and brighter – if you place them strategically, and do it well.

By placing a large mirror near a window and opposite a light colour, you automatically make the room lighter and brighter. The mirror not only reflects the natural light from the outside, but reflects the light colours on the wall too. By doing this, the entire room looks automatically bigger because it helps to eliminate any shadows or dark spots that are causing rooms to look dark. It really is as simple as that.

Use Shelves

If you’re stuck for space due to apartment living, never ever shy away from the wonderful creation that is shelves.

Whereas big cabinets can look clunky and take up a lot of floor space, shelves are a great way of having storage without needing the extra space – all you need is a gap on your wall.

The great thing about shelves, is that you can do so much more with them. You can change their size, shape, colour, layout and even function. Say for example you install some shelves in your kitchen to put herbs, spices, coffees and teas on. To save countertop and cupboard space, simply attach a few hooks to the underneath of the shelves and hang your mugs off them! Not only is it space efficient, but it’s stylish too.

Use the Same Flooring Style Throughout

Last of all, but certainly not least, try and opt for the same style of flooring throughout (excluding the bathroom, and perhaps the kitchen.)

If you overuse different types of flooring throughout the apartment, then it’s likely to start looking mismatched and will appear messier. Nothing subtracts from spaciousness more than clutter and messiness, so the more simplistic and matching you are the bigger it’ll look.

Light carpets, or alternatively light woods are a great way of maximising floorspace in an apartment. If you want to differentiate rooms, perhaps consider investing in a nice rug or two to jazz things up a little. Remember that floorspace is just as important as your walls, and you can’t go wrong.