When moving, special care should be taken when packing fragile items such as glass and mirror surfaces. You can handle a small amount of glass or mirrors on your own. But for the transportation of large items (such as floor mirrors), it is better to use freight services and movers with storage NYC.

In principle, with one small mirror, you can handle yourself, but if you have a lot of them, it is better not to take risks.

First, you will save yourself from damaging the item. Second, a broken mirror is considered a bad omen. And so as not to worry in vain, we will tell you how to carry a large mirror.

How Can I Pack a Mirror for Transportation?

When you move, you will most likely find that you have many more mirrors than you can imagine. In any case, there are small, medium, and large. There will be no special problems with the little ones – you can just carry them in your bag. By these, we mean pocket or desktop.

If the product is of medium size, such as a bathroom mirror, you can simply wrap it in a soft cloth and then put it in a box. If there is no box, you can do it with bubble wrap. In the simplified version, you can wrap the item in cloth or even newspapers and place it among the soft things. These can be bags of things or blankets.

Difficulties arise already with the transportation of large mirrors:

  • floor copies;
  • big long mirror from a leaf of a sliding wardrobe.

Transporting large items will require some packaging material, and it’s not just bubble wrap. You will need scotch tape, scissors, foam, a marker, and a box. First, you need to stick the tape crosswise from one corner to another. Then you need to wrap the product in bubble wrap and secure it with tape. Then you will need two sheets of foam because you have to put a mirror between them.

The polyfoam construction is also fixed with scotch tape. As a result, it is placed in a box. Then you can start the process of moving and traveling to a new place. If you realize that there is no big box and nowhere to buy it, you can skip this step. At the end of the process, you only have to order loaders and transport them to move.

How Are Mirrors Usually Transported?

In the previous paragraph, we said that you will need a marker. Preferably, it is needed to write instructions for loaders on the box. It is important to sign that it is a mirror, so then the employees of the moving company will understand exactly how they should handle this item. As for the rules of transportation and loading, you do not need to explain to loaders what to do. They must know everything about this process. You can give them only some recommendations in the presence of possible product defects.

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