When recreating or designing our home, the living room and kitchen usually come on top of our priorities. Since the living room is considered the social hub and guest entertaining area of the house, it takes all the attention. In the end, your bedroom is your safe haven, where you unwind and relax after a hectic and busy day. After all, we spend a third of our day sleeping, so it’s worth investing effort and money in recreating your special place. Decorating a bedroom can be challenging; it has to be simple and admirable, while at the same time practical and viable. When designing the perfect bedroom of your dreams, the success factor is creating the balance between style and function.

Where to Begin?

It is important to know where to start before taking action. This can be a tricky step, especially if you haven’t set your mind on a clear picture or design. A quick search is always required to consider all the elements you need in creating harmony and balance. Space is a key factor to contemplate when choosing the size of your furniture, especially your bed. You need to know what is going to fit best and to make an accurate assessment, have a close look at how big your bedroom is before occupying it with unnecessary pieces of furniture. If you have piles of items, you might also need to let go of the redundant pieces. If you believe you still need more storage areas in your bedroom, start looking for smart alternatives that will not lock up your space and hinder your movement.

Color Theme

After choosing the overall style of your dream bedroom, it is going to be easier now to choose the color theme. If your room size is rather small, it’s preferable to choose a light color scheme. But if you are a fan of dark colors and warm shades, consider painting one wall with a darker tone than the rest. This will add a more dramatic feel to your bedroom style. Bear in mind that your bedroom walls’ color is the first thing that you will wake up to in the morning and the last thing that you will see before going to bed. You need to be careful when making this choice; you have to feel comfortable and calm around the colors you select.


To choose a closet, you have to know your wardrobe, so try to identify your needs according to the variety of clothes you possess. Try to focus on your storage habits. For instance, some people prefer to hang most of their clothes, while others like to fold them instead. Ask yourself how many hangers, drawers, and shelves you need to organize your wardrobe. Keep in mind that closets are designed for utmost storage purposes, and this is why custom closets are an ideal choice to meet all your storage requirements. The options are endless, so when designing your closet make sure that you do not waste the available space, and maximize your alternatives. Having extra storage is of great benefit, even if you think you don’t need them for the time being, you’ll definitely make use of them in the future.

Bedroom Lightings

Lightings play a significant role in presenting and polishing your dream bedroom. Installing numerous fixtures and lamp lights serves your needs better than depending on one source of light. Bedroom lighting is better installed with dimmers to align with your needs and usage. Having different light arrangements in your bedroom serves your needs at its best, and it will make your room suitable for relaxing, reading, getting dressed, or even sleeping.

Select a Bed

Your dream bedroom cannot exist without a fancy bed, a plush mattress, and beautiful cautions that follow the same color scheme that you chose earlier. The bed is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom, not only because it’s where you’ll relax and unwind at the end of your day, but also because it will occupy most of the space in your bedroom and act as the central feature. The headboard is another focal element that requires a lot of consideration while choosing. If you’re aiming for a luxurious look and functionality is your main focus, choose headboards that are covered with fabric and buttons. This will certainly add interest, richness, and a spark of depth to the overall scene.

t2 Top Tips To Design The Perfect Bedroom Of Your Dreams

Your bedroom is your shelter, it is where you relax, keep your precious and private belongings, and get a goodnight’s sleep. Dedicating effort and money to bedroom design is worth it. This is why considering all the details and making use of every space is essential to your comfort. After a long day, resting in a pleasant space is much-needed.

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