What to Do Before Removalists Arrive

Hiring removalists for your upcoming home move can greatly help in ensuring that the process can run smoothly on your moving day. While this is true, the success of your home move does not only depend on your hired moving company. Your preparedness will greatly impact the outcome of your relocation, so it is important that you know what to do before removalists arrive.

Here’s a list of the things that should be done before your removalists show up at your doorstep to collect your belongings.

Know what removalists can’t move

There are items that moving companies refuse to move for safety reasons. Some examples of these are household chemicals, flammable items and explosives. Removalists also won’t move perishable food, so make sure to consume them instead of packing and bringing them with you when you move. You can ask the moving company you are going to hire for a list of items that they won’t transport.

Create an inventory

Before packing your belongings, you should list them down in an inventory list so you can just tick off every item you begin unpacking them at your new home. When you have an inventory of the things that you are moving, it will be easier for you to track your belongings and see if there are items that got lost during the transit.

Pack your belongings properly

If you want to save money when moving, packing your belongings yourself will help reduce your moving cost. So when you plan to do so, it is best to start packing early so you have enough time to ensure you have packed all your items properly. Gather all your packing materials, make sure you have all that you need – sturdy boxes of different sizes, cushioning materials like bubble wrap and packing paper, box dividers for packing glassware, packing tape and marker.

To ensure your moving containers are sturdy enough to withstand your move, you can rent reusable plastic moving boxes from companies like Boxbee.

After properly packing your items into the boxes, label the box with its corresponding room in your new house in order for removalists to know where to place the boxes once they arrived at your new home.

Secure your valuable items

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Your valuable items such as cash, pieces of jewellery, credit cards and other important documents should not be move together with your other belongings. Make sure you have all of these secured in one box and bring this with you in your car, instead of the moving truck.

Let your removalists know where to park

This one can easily get overlooked, but you should always remember that this one is very important for every removalist – knowing where to pack their moving truck. They will surely ask this question once they are on their way to collect your belongings, so make sure you already have this planned out. Clear out your driveway from any vehicles. If you don’t have a personal driveway, make sure to ask permission from your neighbours or from your property manager if you are living in an apartment complex.

Clear the pathways inside your home

Removalists will be able to safely move your belongings if the pathway is free from any obstructions. Make sure the traffic areas like doors, stairways, and hallways are all clear. Move away boxes, baby gates, rolled-up rugs, any toys and other debris that removalists can trip over.

Protect your floors

Your floor is the most vulnerable part of your home when moving. Whether it’s your old home or your new one, make sure it is protected from any damages caused by moving. Before removalists arrive, cover your floor with either protective film cover. You can also use old blankets or carpet, cardboards, and even towels. Don’t forget to place a heavy-duty doormat so that people can easily wipe their footwears before going inside your home. The scratchier the doormat is, the more it can get dirt and debris.

Designate someone to watch over your kids and pets

If you have kids or you own a pet, then you should keep them away from the action that there is on your moving day. Designate a family member to watch over small kids and pets. You can also ask for help from a friend that you trust to watch over them while you are busy supervising the move.

Prepare some snacks

In the midst of the move, it is very inconvenient to prepare food to eat when you and your removalists get hungry. For you to avoid ordering takeouts, which is an added cost on your move, it is better to prepare something to eat on your moving day. This is also a way to show your appreciation to them for their hard work in ensuring your home move is a success. You can prepare simple snacks like nacks like sandwiches, energy bars, pretzels or chips. Don’t forget to have bottled water and even energy drinks too.

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In conclusion, the combined effort of you and your removalist is very important. And aside from the preparations we have listed above, you should also ensure you have clear communication with your chosen moving company so you can avoid any issues on your moving day.

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