Whenever you buy a product, you would always want something from a reputable brand that is also within your budget. For example, vacuum cleaners are one of those essential home appliances that every house need. Vacuum cleaners also come in a variety of forms, each type providing specific convenience when it comes to cleaning.

Several manufacturers are synonymous with vacuum cleaners. Their products always break into the list of top vacuum cleaners annually. In this article, we will be listing the best vacuum cleaner brands. As long as their brand name is stamped onto the machine, you are guaranteed quality construction and performance.

Top 5 Best Vacuum Cleaner Brands

This list is compiled based on the brand product’s quality, their overall positive feedback from customers, and first-hand account. If you are looking for a reliable vacuum cleaner, make sure to find these manufacturers to ensure you get the best bang out of your buck.

  1. Vax

This UK-based company has built a solid reputation in regards to cleaning appliances, particularly, vacuum cleaners. Vax provides customers with a wide variety of vacuum cleaners. Unlike other manufacturers in the same industry that specializes in a particular type of vacuum cleaner, Vax develops models for different categories.

The company produces upright vacuums, handheld, cylinder, and cordless models. However, their strong suit lies in their top-notch upright vacuum cleaners. Their versatility in developing various forms of vacuum cleaners with top of the line quality showcases the company’s impressive talents in this field. If you are looking for a brand that provides a good selection of cleaning appliances, Vax should be on your shortlist.

  1. LG

LG is among the biggest manufacturing companies in the world, and are quite synonymous with household appliances. They’ve branched out from developing not only high-quality appliances but also into the smartphone market as well. But did you know that LG also makes some of the best vacuum cleaners around?

LG products are also known for user-friendliness, a quality that they brought with their vacuum cleaner models.  Prices are also quite flexible with several affordable and premium vacuum cleaners available in their catalogue. One feature that is prevalent with all LG vacuum cleaners is its cordless design. You should also check out the full range of helpful features each LG vacuum cleaner offers.

  1. Miele

Miele is a German-based manufacturer of high-quality domestic appliances. That description alone should give you an inkling as to what to expect from this brand. Miele vacuum cleaners all incorporate the traditional bagged design but comes in a variety of model types. While Miele vacuum cleaners might seem a bit complex to operate for beginners, once you get the hang of it, you can quickly go through the motions in seconds.

Miele vacuum cleaners are known for their durable design and top-notch filtration. One aspect of Miele vacuum cleaners that is undoubtedly noteworthy is its suction power. This is primarily the reason why homeowners look for Miele vacuum cleaners in particular. While certainly an expensive brand, the longevity and reliability that Miele products offer is worth the asking price.

  1. Shark

When it comes to the upper echelon of vacuum cleaners that are considered budget-friendly, few can touch Shark vacuums. Most value brand vacuum cleaners are known for taking some shortcuts to cut the price, Shark, on the other hand, foregoes this tactic.

Shark vacuum cleaners are known to be effective in cleaning both smooth solid surfaces and carpets. Shark vacuums also opt for the bagless vacuum design, which is a popular route with most modern vacuum cleaners in the market. If you are looking for a quality budget-friendly vacuum cleaner, look no further than Shark vacuums.

  1. Dyson

Dyson is one of the premier brands when it comes to vacuum cleaners. The company produces a wide variety of vacuums to cover every nook and cranny of your home. From upright to handheld models, Dyson has it in spades. Dyson even specializes in vacuum cleaners for pets. Their barrel vacuum cleaners are also one of the most stable and convenient to use thanks to their signature “rolling ball” design that replaces the standard wheels.

Dyson is one of the most well-rounded vacuum cleaners in the market today. While the price for their models is considered to be a premium one, you can expect excellent performance and reliability with every Dyson vacuum cleaner in the market.


These are the best vacuum cleaner brands available today. If you are looking for the most reliable vacuum cleaners, LG, Miele, and Dyson is definitely among the best manufacturers around. For those looking for a good value for money brand, Vax and Shark vacuums fetch for a reasonable price while still providing excellent cleaning capability and dependability.