As the townhouse vs. apartment debate continues to rage fiercely among many potential homeowners, selecting the right place to call home is becoming a challenge. For that reason, it’s essential to understand the differences between a townhouse vs. apartment.

If you’re planning to rent a townhouse or apartment, keep reading to learn the differences. You’ll also get to know the pros and cons of the two types of homes, helping you make an informed decision on whether to rent a townhouse or apartment.

Renting a Townhouse vs. Apartment

When contemplating whether to move into an apartment or a townhouse, you need to consider several factors, such as location and your future family needs. Before we look at the differences, you should understand what a townhouse and an apartment are.

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What is a Townhouse?

A townhouse is a single-family building that shares walls with other independent home units. Despite sharing one or more walls, each resident is accountable for their home’s expenses, such as home insurance and utility costs.

If you’re planning to move into a home with larger spaces, a townhouse will be the best pick. Most townhouses comprise of two-storied homes uniformly arranged in rows. Each homeowner usually has their yards, patios, and other essential amenities.

What is an Apartment?

An apartment is a big building or complex that comprises of many self-contained residential units. You can own a unit or flat in an apartment, but not the entire building that’s collectively owned by different homeowners.

If you are looking for an apartment with the best amenities, you need to move to a modern apartment complex. Such modern buildings have incredible amenities like parking lots, swimming pools, entertainment areas, and fitness centers.

Townhouse vs. Apartment: Difference between the Two

Now that you know what townhomes and apartments are, you can tell the general differences. Here are some other differences between a townhouse and an apartment.

Features Townhouse Apartment
Management ·         Homeowners manage their homes. They take care of all the repair costs ·         Operated by a property management company who take care of all the repairs
Amenities ·         Have a few amenities, such as parking lots and swimming pools ·         Have many amenities, such as smart devices, rooftop pools, and fitness centers
Floor Space ·         A single home comprises of two or more stories with big living rooms and spaces ·         A unit in an apartment has smaller square footage. The living rooms are smaller

Townhouse vs. Apartment: Pros and Cons

Both townhouses and apartments have advantages and disadvantages, which you must also consider when choosing between the two.

Pros of a Townhouse

In a nutshell, here are some of the advantages of renting a townhouse.

  • More Spacious: Townhouses tend to have more spacious rooms compared to the apartments
  • Amenities: Townhouses have many amenities such as tennis courtyards and swimming pools
  • Larger Outdoor Space: Townhouses have beautiful and bigger yards at the front, including a parking space

Cons of a Townhouse

Townhouses have a few drawbacks, which include:

  • Less Private: Townhouses offer less privacy than apartments as homeowners share walls with their neighbors
  • Limited Options: Designed to resemble each other, townhouses limit you from implementing your creativity
  • Location: Most townhouses are usually available in remote and suburban areas, making it quite expensive to commute to the city

Pros of an Apartment

Here are some of the advantages of renting an apartment.

  • Low Purchase Price: Apartments are relatively cheaper than townhouses
  • Improved Security: Most apartments have installed CCTVs in every place to promote security
  • Less Maintenance: When you rent an apartment, you’ll not be responsible for the repair costs and maintenance practices

Cons of an Apartment

Despite its well-established security systems, an apartment also has some drawbacks.

  • Small Spaces: A flat in an apartment has a smaller floor space than that of a townhouse
  • Corporate Fees: You may have to pay high body corporate fees if you live in an apartment complex with many amenities
  • Few Parking Lots: Most apartments usually have small parking spaces, that cannot be enough for all residents

Which is the Best Housing Option?

You should rent a house that will meet your needs, whether it’s a townhouse or apartment. If you are looking for a house with well-established amenities, you can consider the new homes for sale in the York region of Ontario. These houses have smart home devices that can make your living more comfortable.