2020 taught us that there isn’t enough time to be creative, experiment with colours and show off your quirky side. 2021 is the year where we can make it all better and have more fun (at least with decorating our homes). Interior decor is supposed to be a fun experience because you can try out different styles, mix and match patterns and designs and feel like you can make wrong choices without a care in the world. Take a look at our list below to see how you can transform your bedroom from plain to modern in 2021.

Think Small

Smaller accessories can give your bedroom a complete makeover, and even something as small as a jewel box or a candle can be a statement piece if you find a perfect place to showcase it. Accessories can vary and you can combine them if you want to create a cohesive look. For instance, you can match the colour of your statement mirror with the rug area, or you can find a perfect set of photo frames that fit in the space nicely.

New Bedding

For the feeling of utmost comfort and relaxation, treat yourself to a good night’s sleep covered in bed sheets that feel like sateen. This high-quality material that Ecosa bamboo sheets are made of provides extra silky smoothness and ensures that you will wake up feeling relaxed. It is anti-bacterial and odour-resistant so you can sleep peacefully knowing that the environment is clean and safe to sleep in. Furthermore, it comes in different colours so you can pick out from various shades and incorporate it into your room design.


Visually enrich the plain walls of your room with modern paintings that represent your style and personal preferences. It can be something sentimental and personal such as a string of photos hung on the wall or something contemporary such as a poster of your favourite rock band. It all depends on the atmosphere in the room and what vibe you want it to give off. Picking out art for your bedroom is a form of creative expression and a perfect way to find your own sense of style and fashion.

Office Space

It is becoming more popular to turn a bedroom into a small office space. Choose a peaceful corner where you can put your desk and the necessary equipment to increase your productivity. The best place is near a window, where there is a lot of natural light. Space abundant with light is a great source of inspiration, which is especially important for people who spend a lot of time sitting and working in silence.


You can make a statement both with a pared-down, sleek look or with modern, vivid colours that dominate the room. Comfort and coziness is what the modern approach is all about. Pick out a colour that calms you down and a high-quality material for your new mattress, bedding, duvet and a pillowcase. With the aid of different accessories, it’s possible to add a pop of colour to the room to break the monotony. Opt for materials that aren’t aggressive but feel soft on the skin to make sure that you fall asleep with more ease.

Every part of the room is a piece of the puzzle that speaks about a certain moment in your life. According to you, what makes a bedroom modern? Is it the style it leans towards, the choice of accessories or the statement furniture pieces in the room? Tell us all about your tips in the comment section below!