Got some time on your hands? Maybe re-do that porch you’ve planned to hire someone to do. This will save you some coins and maybe let you learn a skill or two. You could also prepare your house for a showing all by yourself. While this is a risky undertaking, you can always horn your skills first using YouTube videos or learn from a professional. Below are some interesting DIY ideas that you could try for your home


Painting is the most straightforward DIY project you could do. While applying paint requires some skill and not just putting coats on coats, it is easy to learn. Take your time to research and select a color that works for your style and the existing décor in your home. Freshly painted walls will give your home that new look. Paint may also be therapeutic for you. Colors influence our mood and attitude. In case you are trying to sell your house, buyers always appreciate a new painting as it gives the home that modern look effortlessly. At the same time, don’t do some shoddy work or paint one wall, as this is suspicious and will send buyers running.

Renovate your Bathroom

Little DIY fix-ups, and addition of accessories, go a long way in updating your bathroom. You could always look up bathroom ideas for your home to get a clue about the changes you want to make. One of the changes you can implement is putting a new shower door. You could go with modern frost doors or choose any other that fits your style. Maybe also change that aging caulk and replace the cabinets. Caulk is cheap, easy to apply, and saves on time. It’s a one hour DIY project with the right tools. To improve your cabinet, you could paint them or change the fixtures. You could also get a new modern showerhead or add some stylish towel shelves. All these are small and straightforward renovations that add up to your updated bathroom.

Change the Floors

For changes as massive as changing from vinyl floors to hardwood, you may require professional, especially for the whole home. Alternatively, you can choose to get a move-in ready house at movoto that has hardwood floors. For easy fix-ups like beat up hardwood floors or an old carpet, you can manage with ease. Examine the exact floor type in your house and look up the recommended maintenance. For example, for hardwood floors, you could use floor paint. This is not applicable for all floor types.

Get a New Wallpaper

This is perhaps the cheapest and least tasking DIY project. With a single install, you have a new wall. Make sure you pick the right wallpaper, so you don’t end up with a wallpaper that does not fit our entire aesthetic. Also, research on the specific wallpaper you want and purchase it. Don’t just go to the store unplanned and get overwhelmed by the many choices. Wallpapers also add some fun into your kid’s rooms. If your kid is a Marvel fanatic, maybe get a wallpaper with the marvel heroes instead of struggling to paint.

Re-do your Entryway

This is an important preparation for anyone looking to sell the house. The entryway gives the visitors a feel of your entire home. It’s the first thing they notice that sets the mood to see the inside. Give your doorway a new face by applying a new bold color and let it stand out at the same time rhyme with the exterior. Change that old dusty rag and remove those outdated door screens. Invest in some entryway lighting by choosing a light fixture that enhances the space. Do not forget to renovate the floors at the entryway as they give the whole area a facelift.

Additionally, you could also get some entryway art. Thus, it’s not just a blank wall when people enter. They get to feed their eyes a little.

Install a staircase Runner

A staircase runner is the simplest way to get rid of slippery stairs. All you need is a runner from the store, which will not cost much. Also, get some supplies such as carpet tape to ensure the runner sits right on the floor. If you are anticipating to sell your house to dog owners, they will appreciate the non-slippery steps. Such am affordable change could easily bad you that deal.

DIYs are always fun and affordable. They give you the new home feel without having to buy a new mortgage. Evaluate your skillset and the extent of work carefully. This is because you do not want to end up with a poorly done project and call a professional to re-do it. This will cost you time and money. At the same time, examine the house condition thoroughly. You can easily change the color of your walls, but a broken plumbing system indicates that it’s probably time to find a new home.