Our living room is an essential aspect of our home. After a very stressful day at work, we look forward to going back home and relaxing in our sitting room. It is more like our place of comfort, and we should spare no luxury when it comes to making it look great. Making a few changes to our furniture can result to massive transformation in our living room. Most people thinks you can only get

With ideas, you may not have to buy expensive items for your living rooms; you just need the right product and an ideal place to fix them.  It takes to plan and time to have a well-designed and beautiful home, Ikea hacks can offer you more.

When you think about furniture, Ikea rings in the mind of most people. Ikea has set themselves as an authority in the furniture industry, and their products are topnotch. Below are a few Ikea hacks that you can use to elevate your home or office instantly.

Living Room IKEA Hacks

Here you will be presented with a suitable hack for your living room. This will form a sample of what an ideal living room should look like with hacks.

#1. MALM Bed Frames Hacks

Surprisingly, people have MALM bed frames in their homes, but it is a question of knowing how to upgrade. The idea style that will add beauty to your home is to add reclaim wood and then ensure that you measure everything in equal proportion. Stick the stripes of the reclaimed wood inside the headboard.

After this step, make sure you cover it with a coat of polyurethane. After this, you can be sure of the result.

#2. SIGNE Rug Hack

For this, a minimal number of SIGNE rugs, sewing skill, sewing machine, and then some sought of kinds of cotton or foams can give you the ideal poufs. Erika hails from Retropolitan, and she used these methods to create her own poufs.

Signe rug hack is the easiest and cost effective method to quickly give your home a new look.

#3. Gold Accent Wall Shelves

This is argued to be one of the hacks that does not take much stress to create. It will really be perplexing to see the extent of beauty this can add to your living room and other private areas of your house.

The first step here is to spray EKBY BJARNUM brackets. Make sure you spray using gold spray paint.  But this is not the final step. After the first step, also ensure that the addition of the gold accents is not forgotten at all. However, this should be added to a bunch of various items in your living room.

#4. HEMNES Coffee Table Hack:

With the inclusion of storage space, this coffee table hack is one of the easiest too. The storage space is usually designed to be used as a shelf. With 2x4s being shaped to a proper size, then glue them both together to the coffee table. It will surprise you what the result will be.

IKEA Kitchen Hacks

Coupled with the living room IKEA hack items, there are also ones for the kitchen, which would be interesting to find out.

#5. KALLAX Shelving Unit Hack:

This item, kitchen island or dining table is better identified as a more preferred idea for a small space. For this one, you only need to add a bit of KALLAX shelf unit and then add a long table hack by the side, and finally, you get a modern kitchen that gives you enough space for small family dinner.

With this simple step, you have carved out your customized and preferred space for reding, preparing food, and a space for relaxation with friends.


These are big ideas that are designed to bring out the beauty in your living room or office.

I’m assuming you didn’t that adding a few different elements and ideas to your furniture is the reason your place doesn’t look the way it should?

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