When you imagine your dream bedroom, what mental image do you picture? What is the ultimate in comfort and luxury for you?

When we consider our sleeping quarters, many of us may just see it as a place to prepare for sleep, exhausted, at the end of a long day and an area to get ready for the next morning.

However, it can and should be so much more than that. Your bedroom should be a place of relaxation, comfort, tranquillity, and calm. It should be a haven for you to be able to let go.

Hence, what are the best ways to make sure you have a bedroom that leaves you content and able to wake refreshed, ready for the next day?

Well, some of the best and easiest ways to get sweet dreams and a luxury bedroom could be right at your fingertips, and maybe simpler than you think.

A comfortable bed can be the key

Have you ever had a night of restless sleep or where you woke up the next morning and you just feel as though you didn’t get that perfect feeling of shut-eye?

Well sometimes, the solution can be as simple as mattress removal and new linens, and don’t scrimp on the replacement mattress.

As with everything we obtain, it gains wear and tears over time, from sagging to fading and thinning material.

When you consider that we spend at least a large portion of 0ur lives in the land of nod, a mattress of adequate quality and that of decent linens should be considered essential purchases, as they do help with your survival in the end.

Include some soft lighting

There is something to be said about how lighting can affect our well-being and how it can be an effective tool in creating a healthy bedroom environment.

How much and what type of light is let into our bedroom can impact our mood and our overall behaviour.

Bright, harsh lighting can make us more alert, and while it is best to sleep in as much darkness as possible to avoid circadian rhythm disorders and other sleep problems, soft lighting like limited candles or dimmers can help relax the body, while also making it easier to get to sleep.

It is also understood that not everyone prefers or feels that they can sleep without some means of light. However, if it is as low as possible, this can be ideal.

Add houseplants for air quality

When it comes to making your house, and indeed your bedroom, a serene and relaxing place, you’d actually be surprised how much can be done when you let nature in, even in the smallest ways.

The addition of even the most minuscule-sized house plant can do wonders. For example, plants improve the air quality in the room by helping to absorb the carbon dioxide we breathe out and emitting more oxygen back out for us.

They also help to take in many dust particles in the air. This can be great if you’re an asthmatic or have other breathing problems, as they can potentially reduce the amount of time you use an inhaler.

Control the temperature in the room

When we think of our bedrooms as a place of comfort and tranquillity, how many of you think of a cosy warm space for you to sleep in?

Well, the truth is, just like we have an optimal temperature for our body, the room we rest in should also have a suitable temperature.

This can be related to which direction your bedroom faces in the house, in regards to the sun, as well as heating and window coverings.

While there is a recommendation of about 18°C to match the drop, everyone is different, so make sure you’re comfortable.

Keep your electronics to a minimum or out altogether

When preparing yourself for sleep, it is paramount that you set yourself up in a peaceful place, which is calming and will free your mind from anxiety and distractions.

This will allow you to not be so alert due to those, such as blue light, which according to sleep experts, is best left out of the bedroom.

Therefore, so that you can wind down properly and allow your brain to clear, shut off notifications or mute your phone and keep it out of reach and sight at least an hour before bedtime.

Hopefully, by doing so, you will gradually fall asleep easier and quicker and this will allow you to awaken the next morning feeling more rested and in a better mood.


Hence when it comes to creating a relaxing and quiet space for you to gather your sweet dreams, make sure it is a place that you would want to spend your time in.

May you have pleasant dreams, dear readers.

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