Properly selected and mounted professional equipment in the commercial kitchen is able to optimize the space, boost storage capacity, and make the work of employees as productive as possible, and, therefore, increase the quality of services of your food establishment. And so, the food prep process begins and ends on a stainless steel kitchen table. The more comfortable it will be for the staff, the tastier the food that your restaurant or cafe serves will be. In addition, for efficient work and increased productivity, it is better if you can put hot pots and pans on the stainless steel table, as well as place the necessary equipment for cooking, as well as goods, ingredients, spices, and so on at hand.

A stainless steel kitchen table is an indispensable piece of furniture for a professional kitchen. It is designed for continuous operation in harsh conditions: exposure to high temperatures, mechanical damage, aggressive environment, and high humidity. Why else stainless steel table is so valuable:

  • withstands the weight of heavy and bulky items: for example, you can place a microwave oven or other heavy object, and the steel top won’t deform;
  • easy removal of dirt and food debris: just use a soft sponge/cloth and warm soapy water;
  • neat appearance: the kitchen will always be hygienically clean and correctly arranged;
  • simple disinfection routine without surface damage: it is obligatory when the surface of the worktop is in regular contact with food.

Open base commercial work options of tables and other popular types

Stainless steel kitchen tables can be of different dimensions, configurations and are equipped with additional accessories. The open base option is one of the most common models in case you want to place a waste bin under it. But this type of table will only be effective in an environment where there are enough storage areas such as wall shelves, complete shelving kits, etc. But in cases where space is limited, then you should consider the option with an extra shelf.

Backsplash to promote cleanliness. If you plan to install the table against the wall, buy a table with a backsplash.

Casters for better mobility. Picking a table with wheels, you will speed up cleaning procedures, avoiding moving difficult to lift stationary options.

Drop-in-sink. A mounted sink will help to facilitate food prep processes and rinsing activities. 

If you have decided on the specific requirements, then choosing a customized solution that will help to cope with many of your issues will be a straightforward task.

How to choose the right thickness of stainless steel kitchen table

To make the right choice, you need to be aware of the types of steel and its thickness. If you are looking for a surface for product sorting or preparing salads, then an 18-gauge steel table is an ideal match. This is the cheapest option, however, due to the thinness of the steel, it can easily be scratched or bent. If you need an option for heavy use or for cooking meat, then purchase the more expensive but, at the same time, the most durable 14-gauge steel. You can also purchase a 16-gauge alternative that fits almost every commercial kitchen need.