Is it time to get a new mattress for your bedroom? Replacing your old mattress can be a lot of work but getting a new one is undoubtedly worth it! The mattress you currently use is prone to tear and wear. Thus, it is essential you upgrade yours after years of use. You may also be unaware, but the pain all over your body is commonly caused by the mattress you lie on.

Sleep is one of the essential things we need to survive every day. Enough rest and peaceful sleep is also a way to achieve the desired comfort. Choosing the right mattress is the first thing one should consider. Exploring what’s the best mattress around is finding out what is best for your specific needs. Your comfort preference is what matters most in the process.

Furthermore, there are many factors to consider when choosing a new mattress. From its appearance, size, firmness to even the materials being used in these mattresses. All you need to have is the willingness to find what’s best and healthier for your sleeping needs. Here, we explore the different mattress types you can buy.

Innerspring Mattress

If we talk about the most popular mattresses being used for years, an innerspring mattress is probably number one on the list. The innerspring mattress is one of the oldest mattresses still available in the market today. It uses a core system making it more enjoyable to use. What is this system made up of? The core support system is made up of springs or coils. These are then covered with additional padding.

The padding is commonly foams or fibers. Innerspring mattresses can also have additional smaller steel springs. These extra springs help provide support for the body while at sleep. It also allows greater airflow making every rest cooler than ever! Most especially, innerspring mattresses are one of the affordable and best mattresses you can get today.

Hybrid Mattress

If you want to experience double comfort, a hybrid mattress is the best one for you! Hybrid mattresses use a combination of an innerspring system and memory foam, latex, or gel in one. Sleeping and resting on this mattress type can provide you pressure relief and a sturdy-feeling for your body. You also got to experience the feel of a classic innerspring mattress! That indeed can give you enough comfort while at rest.

Furthermore, a hybrid mattress is also beneficial and perfect for people who enjoy different sleeping positions. You can also adjust the right firmness depending on your needs as they are available in all sorts of firmness and options. Some hybrid mattresses also use other types of foams like polyurethane.

Latex Mattress

A latex mattress can be one of the most eco-friendly mattresses anyone can enjoy. The material being used for this mattress type makes it more interesting to use. They are derived from the sappy extracts of rubber trees. When being used, latex mattresses can feel naturally springy. This can be a perfect option for people who don’t find a body-hugging bed comfortable. It can be fairly cool as they absorb minimal amounts of body heat.

Aside from their interesting materials, they are also helpful as pain relievers. This mattress type is especially beneficial for people with back and joint pain. They also provide pressure relief for joints and lower back pains. Furthermore, latex mattresses are also popular for being hypoallergenic and low-maintenance. Meaning it keeps harmful microorganisms from entering your sleeping environment.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is also one of the most picked mattresses today. Aside from mattresses, memory foam is also used in most pillows we use. What’s more interesting to know is that NASA actually made memory foam in 1970. Its primary purpose is to provide protection and comfort for passengers and pilots in airplane seats. Who would have thought its materials are also perfect for sleep?

Memory foam is also called viscoelastic foam. Its materials help conform body curves which provides pain relief for your body. Furthermore, it is also a heat-activated material. This means that the mattress will react and soften in response to body temperature, making them an excellent mattress for cool sleeping.

Adjusted Air Mattress

Most air mattresses are commonly used to make the camping experience more enjoyable. However, because of the use of technology, air mattresses are brought into bedroom use. It is very easy and convenient to use as anyone can adjust the firmness of the mattress whenever you like and prefer. You can even adjust it using remote controls. Who wouldn’t enjoy an adjustable sleeping experience?


It is always essential that we focus on our needs significantly when they can affect our health. Sleep is vital and should be given utmost importance and effort to provide what’s best for us. Many factors should be considered in finding the right mattress. But what’s more important is that we focus more on what we need and where we can find just the right level of comfort.

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