Usually, when people hear the word inspection they momentarily relate it to someone who will nitpick everything they do and even make them pay fees. However, in this case, that couldn’t be further than the truth. Hiring a professional building inspector will bring you valuable advice on how to make your construction project or the building you intend to buy quality and safe. Here are a few things that the building inspector will take care of.

Checking the Building Codes and Regulations

There are many rules and regulations that need to be respected when doing construction work. It can be a very lengthy and tiring process and you may not be able to handle it by yourself. Every area has its own regulations, so you need to find the building inspector that operates in your area. If you get in touch with building inspections in Adelaide, Australia, they will do the inspection which is required by law in Australia, and help you with all the paperwork you need. It is better to be safe than sorry, and building inspectors will make sure you have no regrets after this stressful process.

Surveying the Construction Work

Most of the construction companies have their own building inspectors, but it is always better to hire your own. They will be the objective party during construction and make sure that everything is going well and by protocol. Unfortunately, even if you think that the construction workers you have hired are fair and honest, there is always a chance that they will not do the best job if left unsupervised. Constructions sometimes last for way longer than expected and cost more money due to omissions and poor-quality work. It is better to fix the mistake in the process than when it is all finished because then it will be harder and even impossible.

Assessing the State of Building Your Want to Buy

If you are buying a home you may be blindsided by the realtor’s presentation and its superficial appearance and miss something that could pose a problem later on. As previously mentioned, building inspection should be an objective insight into the state of the building you want to buy. You, as an amateur, may not know where to look and wouldn’t be able to spot the posing issues. Building inspectors are usually builders, architects, or surveyors who will be able to recognize the faults. When you hear their professional opinion, you will be able to negotiate a better deal.

Get Insight into Necessary Repairs

photo-1482731215275-a1f151646268 Understanding the Purpose of Building Inspections


If the building you want to buy needs reparations, it doesn’t automatically mean that you shouldn’t acquire it. By organizing a building inspection beforehand, you will have an insight into how much money you will need to spend to do all renovations needed. From that point, you will be able to decide if it is worth investing in or not. You will have all the information you need and will be able to plan the budget accordingly. Realism is the most important thing when dealing with property investments, so the objective picture you get from your inspector could be either a deal-maker or deal-breaker.

Testing the Utilities

Besides the obvious reparation work, a building inspector will be able to determine how old the building and its main installations are. When dealing with an older home there may be some hidden issues that can be dangerous if left unrepaired. That is why it is important to check every single utility system, like plumbing, heating, electrics, air conditioning, and others. One rusty or broken pipe can be the cause of a house fire or a flood, so you need to know the full picture. Dealing with faulty utility systems can be tricky and costly and because of that, you will need professional help.

Detecting Unsafe Areas

Hiring a building inspector to check your construction is like taking a car out for a test-drive. As we previously mentioned, you may have some hidden problems that can’t be recognized by the naked eye of an amateur. The building inspector will detect the unsafe areas and close them off until the start of reparation. Without that, you or your construction workers may sustain some serious injuries. That would be one additional stress and inconvenience which could be easily avoided.

It may seem like an additional hassle, but hiring a building inspector is crucial for the success of your construction project. Your building inspector needs to be experienced and knows all the contemporary laws and regulations of the area. It is not a cheap feat, but it is one that will pay off in the long run. Without investing in quality inspection, you will have to invest double in future repairs and renovation.