Changing the aesthetics of your home isn’t just for the interior. The outside needs pampering too. Click for the top 10 exterior remodeling ideas.

Most likely you have heard the phrase curb appeal if you watch HGTV. Spending money on the outside is a good investment for your home.

Changing the aesthetics of your home isn’t just for the interior. The outside needs pampering too. Click for the top 10 exterior remodeling ideas.

  1. Update Your Front Door

You can make this simple change to create the best first impression of your home. It’s an easy update that is pretty economical depending on the style of door. You can even change to style and create an arched doorway to match your interior.

front Upgrade the Outside: Top 10 Exterior Remodeling Ideas

If you like the style of your door, you can add a coat of paint to change up the color. Find something to give your home a nice pop of color that blends with your home’s scheme. For example, a red door matches well with white siding and black shutters.

Wood doors are also popular for craftsman style and a dramatic focal point. You can also enhance around your door by adding potted evergreen trees or getting new house numbers.

  1. Add or Replace Shutters

Shutters don’t have to be the same as every other house. They can be rather plain and generic. There are several other styles to choose from to enhance your home.

Depending on the look you want, you can find mid-century modern, country, or even functional shutters. Find something that matches your home’s architecture style. Bold colors also work well to make your shutters stand out.

Shutters offer visual contrast to exterior walls. They even make windows look larger.

There are different types of shutters including raised panel, louvered, board and batton, and Bermuda style. Raised panel shutters are very popular. They add a lot of depth and dimension to the exterior of your house.

Louvered shutters add texture with shadows. You can make board and batton shutters with durable wood. Bermuda style shutters add shade and privacy.

You can also select what material you want including solid wood, vinyl, synthetic foam, faux wood, and medium density fiber (MDF). Basswood is the most common type of wood used for exterior shutters.

  1. Build a Porch

Front porches are a popular renovation that can increase your home’s value. It also adds a lot of function to your home. You will add outdoor space.

Gable-Hip Upgrade the Outside: Top 10 Exterior Remodeling Ideas

You can make your porch a simple addition or add a wrap around to add even more space. You can add seating area, fans, or additional storage for more versatility.

  1. Enhance Lighting and Fixtures

Check your outdoor lights and light up your home. Update fixtures with modern styles. You can even paint your current fixtures oil-rubbed bronze or glossy black.

Add walkway or path lights. Landscape lights also add curb appeal. You can light up focal points like your trees.

Outdoor-Lamps-for-Posts Upgrade the Outside: Top 10 Exterior Remodeling Ideas

If you are wondering which tone lights to use, there is a general rule. Use warm, orange or yellow, lights on man-made objects like fountains or statues. Use cool, blue or white, lights on plants or trees. To get a modern look, mix up lights pointing up and down.

If your home has large soffits which hang under your roof, you can install lights in this area to define your roof lines at night. Add over the door lights and other accent lights to illuminate your house.

  1. Expand Entry Way

Several homes have tiny, undefined entry areas that could be enhanced for appeal. Try creating a larger area near your front door to make it more inviting.

You can build points of interest like a tower or another roof line. Try widening the front steps or the glass windows on each side of your door. Your house will make a great first impression as guests arrive.

  1. Replace Garage Doors

Your garage door may be one of the most noticeable features on your home. The right garage door can increase the value of your home. Not only does the garage door enhance your home’s appeal; it is also a good investment that you will see recoup your money when you resell.

  1. New Siding

Siding is one project that will enhance your home’s appeal instantly. You can change the color of your home and even create accent areas by using different styles like vertical siding or shakes. Vinyl siding is a wise investment because they are low maintenance.

  1. Redo Walkway

Update the path to get your front door with pavers, cement, or even stepping stones. Want to make it more affordable? Use mulch and gravel.

Add a pattern with your pavers or bricks. Use natural plants to create your path as well. View this gallery for more ideas.

  1. Enlarge Your Windows

Do you think your windows are too small? Your windows are the eyes of your home. People don’t always think about changing the style and size of their windows when looking for new renovation ideas. You can add larger windows to enhance your curb appeal.

Lake-House-Living-Room-Window-Design Upgrade the Outside: Top 10 Exterior Remodeling Ideas

You will get a lot more light inside your home. Try adding a picture or bay window for added design. You can even change the shape of windows to create a focal point.

  1. Add Some Stone

Add some texture to your home by using manufactured stone veneer. You can a skirt or accent wall to update the look. You can even add metal panels for another look of texture.

Exterior Remodeling Final Thoughts

You have several options to update the exterior of your home. Create a budget before you begin your renovations. Find a contractor you trust based on recommendations and reviews.

Along with these tips above, you should consider regular maintenance such as replacing your roof. You need to keep your home looking tidy with lawn maintenance and regular power washing. You can also look for other ways to make your home more energy efficient such as adding solar panels.

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