Is it time to upgrade your floors but you’re lacking inspiration? The best way to get your creativity flowing is to take a look at all the latest and greatest trends.

2019 flooring trends are full of interesting textures and earthy colors. This makes them great for many different designs that are bound to make your home feel brand new again.

Keep reading to learn more about these growing trends!

Rustic Textures

2019 is all about embracing interesting textures and patterns, often with rustic and earthy color schemes. This trend focuses on anything that lets the natural beauty of the material shine through.

Going back to basics is the theme here. Gone are any man-made materials that are almost too perfect. Instead, embrace spontaneity and natural flaws with some rustic charm to give your home a whole new feel.

Fumed Wood

In that same vein, fumed wood gives your floors an interesting and unique style to them all in a natural way. Instead of using heavy stains to force the wood into a specific color, fumed wood takes a different approached.

Using ammonia to bring out the natural grain and textures of the wood, each application is different. You’ll have a high variety of different colors and wood grain intensities all in the same section of the floor.

It’s beautiful to look at and makes for a strong foundation for any home.


Looking for the same effect as wood without spending your entire budget on flooring? This is a sentiment many people support, which is why vinyl flooring grows in popularity every day.

This material is very durable and easy to install, making it perfect for any DIY projects. It comes in a wide variety of different colors and textures, looking like real wood or any other material you desire.

The best part is that buying vinyl is a whole lot cheaper than buying the material it represents. This way you get the best of both worlds at a fraction of the cost.


These days, we’re all trying to be a lot more considerate to the world around us. That mindset carries over into the choices we make when designing the perfect home.

There are many green flooring options that are renewable and look beautiful. Cork, bamboo, and engineered wood are all big choices right now. This is due to the fact that these materials grow fast and leave a smaller footprint when harvested.

Another great option is to recycle old wood and give it a whole new life. Instead of letting the material sit in a dump somewhere, many people reclaim the wood. With a little bit of cleaning and staining, the reclaimed wood has a unique character you’ll never find anywhere else.

These 2019 Flooring Trends Go Well With Many Designs

The best thing about all of these different 2019 flooring trends is the fact that they blend in with all kinds of designs. From retro to modern, all of these flooring ideas look right at home when mixed and matched.

When it’s time for the next home upgrade, use these ideas to get the design of your dreams.

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