Walk in closets are certainly one of the best closet design ideas that were ever invented, don’t you think? A dream house simply can’t go without one, as it is one of the greatest ways to make dressing stylish and more pleasant.

It can be minimalist, classical, or glamorous, but the most important thing is that you get to personalize it according to your wishes.

There are many interesting master closer ideas, including floor light fixtures and luxurious mirrors, but what is really trendy and cool nowadays is to add an entertaining colorful pouf in an apparently minimalist closet, ideally one you share with your partner.

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The color is up to you to choose, and we confidently advise you to let go of the traditional feminine-masculine scheme. It is your personal space, and you can apply literally every shade or pattern you like! Here are some walk-in ideas for the closet and beyond.

Walk in closet design ideas

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Walk in closet design has always strived on the ‘luxurious side’, as having one was an exclusive symbol of fortune prescribed to rich people who lived in big mansions.

Those days are luckily over, and there are many modest and small walk in closet ideas you could use to afford this neat addition regardless of where you live.

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The important thing about walk in closet designs is to make them beautiful and practical, and space doesn’t have that much to do with it.

If you’re lucky enough to have the necessary space, you can always go for trendy master closet ideas. These will allow you to organize your favorite clothes properly, and to use your creativity to make the place as functional as possible.

Still, you have to remind walk in closets are another room on the list that has to be maintained, so don’t clutter it, and learn how to organize it in advance.

With all those walk in closet organizers, it will seem impossible to disorganize the place, but the truth is completely different – a walk in closet, as big as it is, requires special organization techniques you have to follow in order to keep the mess out.

One of the ideal suggestions is walk in closet shelving, assuming you have enough room to hang them.

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Finally, the choice of whether to go for some of these amazing master closet designs depends on your lifestyle – the perfect user profile are women, who simply love having all of their dresses and shoes displayed, but that doesn’t necessarily exclude stylish men from the list.

One thing you may have neglected is that families can also benefit from walk in closets, in particular those in need of extra storage.

As we said, you needn’t have an enormous house to afford such closet – small apartments can do to, as long as you’ve put functionality on the first place. Let’s see how that works:

Choose the perfect shape

  • There are three main options to choose from
  • the ‘L’ shaped closet: it looks like a large corridor where clothes are hanged on the walls, and there is still enough space to move
  • the ‘U’ shaped closet: it is placed between three walls to ensure maximal storage
  • The straight closet: ideal for smaller spaces where storage needs to be shared.
    Ottomans, or seating in general, will do in any of the three rooms. The criterion is whether you have enough space to put one without compromising the functionality of the place.

Choose walk in closet furniture that can store your belongings

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Remember that walk in closets are first and foremost storage areas, supposed to accommodate all those large collections of accessories you’ve been throwing around for years.

When items are neatly organized, finding them won’t be an issue, which is exactly why we discussed shelves and drawers. Both cabinets and hanging fixtures are critical for the functionality of your closet.

Define the style

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That shouldn’t be a problem, as you can choose something that works with your clothing style. In case you’re not sure, go for a contemporary solution, because it will give the place a cohesive look.

Useful walk in closet design tips

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A great idea is to hang shelves on all sides, and categorize clothes the way you need them. With a large collection of footwear, however, there should be a specific storage system with several compartments of different sizes.

As you can see, designing a closet is more about what you need than what you want, but that won’t mean you have to make it boring.

Another ‘must have’ piece is a mirror or more of them if you like. It doesn’t have to be a classic one – if the place allows it, put mirrors on the door surface, or use them to decorate the walls.

Useful-And-Amazing-Walk-In-Closets17 Useful And Amazing Walk In ClosetsImage source: Stuart Silk Architects | Limited PS

There are many other catchy details that can work for you, including large and beautiful pendant lights for high ceilings, or comfortable ottomans.

In fact, light is not a matter of decoration, but something you have to think carefully about – light dictates the atmosphere, and decides how functional your walk in closet will be.

The next thing to arrange are colors, where you can either go for a smooth, neutral pattern, or choose something dramatic such as a 3D wallpaper. Finally, pick a soft and cozy rug to warm up the area, and make it look as part of your home, rather than a boutique.

White walk in closets

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The perfect backdrop that can make your clothes collection shine is white, which is also a smart choice in terms of contrasting, and keeping the place looking new and clean.

Besides, white will make the place appear lighter, and that makes it pitch perfect for window-less areas. Another thing white serves well is decoration, because it allows you to add literally every element or interesting touch you like.

Out-of-the-box techniques for displaying accessories

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The beauty of your closet space won’t depend on the stuff you have inside, but the way you’ve arranged them. You can use some hot boutique ideas, such as displaying fashion objects in open bookcases, mannequins, floating boxes, or even retain jewelry displays.

The choice of available furniture, luckily, will match every taste and expectation, but we still remind you to choose only elements that match your needs.

Seating areas

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In order to make your lovely closet functional and enjoyable, add seating. Ottomans are the best closet seating can get, as you can use it to put stuff while dressing, or simply to relax while thinking what to wear.

Besides, there are ottomans that can be open to store stuff inside, and that’s a very smart choice for small closets.

When choosing the ottoman, consider the shape and size of your closet. If it is a straight one, purchase a narrow bench.

Don’t forget the flooring

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Think of your preferences – is your closet a place where you will likely walk barefoot? If that’s the case, purchase a soft rug or even a carpet.

When it comes to the material, pick something that can withstand the heaviness of your storage elements, and respond to high, everyday traffic.

Vanity sections

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Vanity sections are recent closet upgrades which gained popularity in less than no time. The reason is that they can be introduced in literally every space, regardless of the size or the shape. These are the essential elements of every vanity area:

  • The countertop
  • The mirror. It can also be a portable one, in case there is not enough space on the wall.
  • Focused lighting. Traditionally, you should be looking for a lamp, even if modern home owners suggest lighting bars.
  • The drawers section. Drawers are just perfect, because they can store all of your makeup and hair accessories when you’re not using them.
  • The seat. If the space is small, you can go with a stool too. Remember to pick a stronger one, because you will very likely use it to climb and reach tall sections of the wardrobe.

The most appropriate furniture

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The furniture, the same as lighting, dictates the style and functionality of your master closet. By furniture, we don’t only refer to cabinets and shelves, but a promptly planned storage system where to categorize all of your belongings.

Up-to-date lighting

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Once again: the mood depends on the lighting. Try as hard as necessary to choose good one. Try out the following tips:

  • Choose a focal point, and make sure it is well lit
  • Adjust it to the mood
  • Make sure the room will be bright enough, especially if you don’t have windows inside.
  • Install extra lights for your accessories
  • Introduce task lighting for the makeup area
  • Make sure the best lit places are the ones where you’ve displayed the best looking items you own.

The importance of visibility

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The reason why you’re actually thinking of a walk in closet is that you need to see all of your clothes, and still keep them organized.

It is one of the best strategies to keep mess away, and to save time thinking what to wear. Therefore, the closet should not display only the top layer of your socks and underwear, but ideally all of them.

The good side is that there are a lot of accessories which can help you achieve that, including shelves, divider drawers, see-through wire bins, tie racks, or glass-fronted cabinets.

Besides, all of these elements are easily movable and adjustable, and you can replace them whenever you decide.

A cool ladder

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Unless you’re firmly decided to use your stool as the ladder, add a genuine one to help you reach the taller storage sections.

Ladders are cool, and they add the funky effect every walk in closet needs. As you see, they won’t only be a practical addition, but also a fancy accessory where you can hang few of the scarves you’re planning to wear soon.

Keep it safe form still-air breeders (mildew, mold, etc.)

The same as every closed area, closets need air to flow inside for dehumidification, so that they don’t become a breeding space for insects, mildew, or mold.

In order to eliminate this problem, think of bathroom fans which turn on and off in at regular intervals, and will extract air even when the doors/windows are not opened. Remember that this is a good way to keep your clothes safe.

Bring your art inside

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Opting for a walk in closer was already a big decision, so why not organizing it the way you like it? There are many ways to bring your art inside, and to make it more pleasant, the best ones being:

  • Grouping items in unexpected sections
  • Coordinating colors and patterns
  • Picking the best looking items and displaying them as vignettes.
  • Displaying inspirational messages or portraits on the walls
  • Bringing in your favorite art, or a set of your most beloved books
  • Picking coordinated or well-combined shelve hangers

The cedar challenge

Many people opt for cedar closets because such are known to keep moths away, but their scent can become an even bigger problem.

If you neglect it, your walk in closet can start smelling like a gerbil cage, which is why we recommend you to let air inside as often as you can, or to keep it open all the time.


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As it is probably clear by now, you don’t have to own a mansion to afford the luxury of having a walk in closet. The closet can fit into literally every room – the former nursery, the office, or the guest room you’re never using.

When designing your walk in closet, try to introduce a style similar to the one applied in the other rooms, so that the place will look uniformed, comfy, and casual.

In case you’re not sure about the style of your walk in closet, choosing a contemporary solution is your safest option.

Useful-And-Amazing-Walk-In-Closets18 Useful And Amazing Walk In ClosetsImage source: Joshua Lawrence Studios INC

Picking the right elements for it won’t be a challenge either, as there are just as many widgets, bells, and whistles as there are for any other room. The only difficulty is to find elements that are adaptable, durable, beautiful, and practical at the same time.

Finally, your walk in closet is the home of your clothes, or technically the place where an incredible amount of your budget is and will be stored.

You need to maintain it properly, and choose the right elements that can accommodate all colors, shapes, sizes, and types of accessories.

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