Everybody loves meat straight from the grill, and when you can serve your friends in front of your home, in your backyard, it makes the whole experience even better. Having a BBQ at your home will bring much joy to you and your closest friends, and when you can make the BBQ yourself you are even more satisfied because you know that your work made these gatherings possible. Here are some ideas that you can consider before you roll up your sleeves and start with the build.

Right Place

Kitchens are the unquestionable core of the house, where guests congregate, interact, and chat during get-togethers. However, to obtain that level of attractiveness outside, you’ll need to increase your outdoor living area. You can make meals and stay with your guests with an outdoor kitchen, spending less time dashing back inside for plates, drinks, or tongs. Check out some of the best built-in grills to add to your kitchen to make it even more enjoyable. Although a bespoke outdoor kitchen might cost tens of thousands of dollars, a simple island is a cost-effective design that avoids the complexities of curves and angles. Not only that, but visitors may lounge on one side of the island while you cook on the other, making you feel like you’re a part of the party.

Grill Station

For this kind of grill, once you look at it, you would say “there is no way that I could make that” but you would most likely be wrong. You just need to carefully go through the instructions and there should not be any worries. Begin by constructing a frame to fit beneath the grill’s “wings.” To build the frames, you can use 1×2’s and 2″ screws. Simply measure the proportions properly if you’re doing it yourself. Because each grill is unique, we are unable to provide exact dimensions; instead, you should assess what is appropriate for your space.

For added stability, be sure to include central support. Metal sheeting is used for the front and sides. This may be obtained in the duct material section at your local hardware store. Place the frame on top of the sheeting and create a mark with a sharpie. Tin snips cut the metal easily, but also use gloves for safety. Use a strong adhesive to bond different materials like wood and metal. Lay the metal on a flat surface with the frame over it, then set some heavy things on top of the frame to allow the product to bond well. Use the pre-existing holes on the sidewalls and drill a few extra holes under the “wings” to attach the frames to the grill.

Waterfall Countertops

Waterfall countertops are a popular choice for interior islands, so it’s no surprise that they look just as good outside. It will be more expensive in terms of materials, but it will pay off in terms of design, giving your outdoor kitchen a sleek and luxurious appearance.

Stone Kitchen

Cooking outside is a lot easier with a built-in grill. When you combine your built-in grill with a matching island, you’re ready to cook! You’ll have twice as much workspace. If you add a pair of bar stools, it may also be utilized as a service area or even a dining table. This one is really simple to construct and will save you a lot of money over having one professionally constructed.

Two-Tier Grill

The lowest level of a two-tier island/bar enables meal preparation without compromising the dining space on the upper deck. You can easily converse with your visitors while cutting, serving, and grilling as they sit on the island. Just because you’re outside doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with other materials. The island’s blend of wood and stone gives the entire outdoor room a contemporary feel.

Pergola Kitchen

A beautiful outdoor kitchen with a pergola! It has a lovely pergola overhead, and while building it may take a week or two, it’s not a tough endeavor. It has a really pleasant appearance thanks to the pergola. This one may even be built as an independent kitchen and placed at the end of your deck.

b2-1 Useful DIY BBQ Island Ideas That Are Easy To Make

Patio Island

In only a few weekends, you can transform a simple patio or deck into a fantastic small barbecue island. This one takes a little longer, but it gives you a lot more room than a typical island. It has a plethora of cabinets! On one side, there’s even a bar with seats where you can spend those summer evenings outside while dining.

Wooden Circle

With some spare wooden posts and a few old bricks or stones, you can create the perfect outdoor kitchen cabinets around your grill. This one has a fantastic rustic appearance to it, and it can be built in only a weekend. You just slip your grill into position after it’s finished, and you’ve got yourself a wonderful outdoor kitchen for a fraction of the expense of having it built by a professional.

Middle of the Table

Make grilling a supper activity that you and your friends and family can enjoy together. You won’t have to get up from the table since all you have to do is reach into the middle. This is where the grill will be erected, with a table built around it. This is a fantastic suggestion! While you wait for your meal to cook, you may speak about anything. You might want to consider obtaining a grill with a distinctive form, such as an octagon or oval. If this is the case, construct an octagon-shaped or oval-shaped table around the grill machine and surround it with chairs!

Small Cabinet

Make sure you have a small cupboard adjacent to your barbecue if you intend on cooking a lot in your garden on it. You will be able to store all of your grill equipment and food utensils in a tiny closet that can be connected to your garden fence or wall. When you’re barbecuing in your garden, this will always come in useful. You won’t have to constantly run inside the home to get the utensils you’ll need because they’ll all be right in front of you!


When looking for anything to grill with, you don’t have to go for the most sophisticated apparatus. Create a fire pit and set a pole next to it as an example. With the aid of pivots, you can attach various kinds of grill sheets to this pole and hold them in position. You may also use the pole to attach multiple grill sheets, allowing you to cook more meals at once. You’ll be able to cook your meal just above the fire pit once it’s lit!

It’s a wonderful experience to sit in the sunshine of your garden and have a tasty meal when the weather is nice. Perhaps you enjoy grilling and have been thinking of constructing a barbecue stand in your garden. After all, this will be a fantastic way to entertain your guests, as well as a fantastic way to spend afternoons with your family. We hope you’ve found some inspiration from this selection of outdoor grill island ideas.

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