Nowadays, cottage core is all the rage – and for a good reason! Growing your own fruits and vegetables brings so many benefits, everyone should try it, even if you don’t have a garden! Strawberries are a perfect fruit to start with, not only are they delicious, you can grow them even in a pot on your terrace! So here are some useful tips on how to easily grow strawberries at home!

Sunlight is your friend

Just like lots of other plants, you need to plant your strawberries in a sunny area! This is almost crucial, as your strawberries need sunlight in order to grow and survive, but you also don’t want to expose them to too much heat and sun damage. To avoid possible burns and overheating, you might want to start planting your seeds in the morning or in the afternoon, never when the sun is completely up – this will determine the perfect position for your future strawberries, so they can grow in peace!

Plan the area well

If you are planning on planting your strawberries in the garden, you need to map out the area well. This kind of plant needs its space, so it’s best that you separate them just a little bit – give them some room to breathe between each plant. Depending on how many rows you are planning to plant, make sure to space out your strawberry plants at least 30 to 40 cm, just so they have enough room for growth!

Good soil-to-water ratio

Every plant is different, some need more water, some not so much, but when it comes to strawberries, you might want to let them breathe a bit! This means you shouldn’t overwater them and clog their area, but instead keep things in balance. Don’t bury them with too much soil, and don’t overflow them with water, just make sure you water them once in a whole and keep them a bit damp, just enough for them to soak it in! They easily rot, so you want to keep your soil dry enough or to have a good drainage solution!

Control the environment

Strawberries can be planted in your garden, but they can also grow on your terrace as well, as long as you control the environment they can survive! There are certain pots and beds you can plant them in, especially if you have unforgiving soil, this way you’ll control the growth better. Also, when picking the best strawberry planters, make sure you get the one that fits all your planted strawberries so that they can grow normally, just like they would in the garden! This way they can be away from danger and can grow quietly and safely!

Check up on flowers  and insects

If you are planting anything in your garden, chances are you’ll notice various flowers and insects roaming around the area and spreading like wildfire. White flowers around your strawberries shouldn’t alarm you – you can actually pick them as soon as they start showing up, as this action will inevitably promote better growth! Regular inspection of your plants is necessary, but apart from looking at flowers and random weeds, you should also keep an eye on suspicious bugs and insects, many of which can be harmful to the sweet strawberries, so monitor their presence at all costs!

Don’t forget to fertilize

It’s always a good idea to use fertilizers on your plants, even better if you made it yourself from organic and healthy materials! Collect compost and other edible junk from your kitchen, as they are extremely useful!  In order for your strawberries to produce the best possible fruits, you need to help a bit by adding useful ingredients and boosting the growth itself! Once you notice the white flowers popping up, you know it’s your time to fertilize the strawberries!

s2 Useful Tips On How To Easily Grow Strawberries At Home

Plant more just in case

Strawberries are great, but that is sadly fragile – if you want to get the best out of your crop, you need to plant more than you initially planned! Chances are some of your strawberries will get ruined, won’t grow properly, or get burned in the sun – especially if it’s your first time doing something like this, it can take a bit until you get the hang of it! So if you have the space, plant more strawberries and try to grow as many as you can’t – they are so delicious, you won’t mind accidentally getting more than you bargained for!

Even if you start small, growing strawberries is a lot of fun, it’s also rewarding once you get to eat the fruit you grew yourself! So try planting this amazing fruit, and see how it goes for you, it’s way easier than you think!

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