Everyone knows and loves Venice! Whether or not you’ve visited the city before, you’ll know that one of Venice’s many peculiarities is its strong connection with the past and with tradition. During the 1200s, the Republic of Venice’s economic power was growing rapidly, especially thanks to its glassmaking manufactures.

The glassmaking furnaces had at that time just been moved to Murano, partially to avoid fires spreading in the city, but mostly to keep the Glass Masters’ techniques secret, as they were highly sought-after by other European powers. These techniques have remained unchanged for generations and to this day many try to replicate them.

Anyone who has been to Venice wished they could take a piece of this stunning city with them. So why not get an original Murano glass item so as to always carry a small part of the Venetian lagoon with you? Our Glassmaking Artisans are daily inspired by Venice’s scenery and try to incorporate the landscape’s characteristics into their projects.

Just take a look at our Decorative Glass Bowls and Plates! You’ll find many in a variety of shapes that resemble waves, seashells, and sea creatures. Others are decorated with patterns made of the lively and colorful murrine, pearls made of glass fragments, so as to imitate Venice’s vivid architecture.

black-and-white-details-centerpiece Using center pieces to decorate: Bowls and plates

These items make stunning centerpieces and are the ideal method to adorn and draw attention to your table. Our Glass Masters proudly carry along the secular glassmaking history in Venice. Their age-old secrets, combined with modern interior design ideas and concepts, have allowed us to create centerpieces with vivid hues and distinctive shapes that will undoubtedly offer a fresh look and an extravagant vibe to any room in your house.

At YourMurano you’ll only find hand-crafted pieces, in an infinite variety of shapes and colors. As they are hand-made, no two pieces can ever be the same, making these items exclusive home decor glass accessories, that are going to stand out wherever you decide to place them.

Check out our catalogue! Whether you’re looking for more traditional or innovative designs, at YourMurano you’ll find the perfect centerpiece that will reflect your style. What do you think will suit your home the best? The vivid hues of one of our Decorative
Plates will no doubt become the center of attention.

Or are the sinuous shapes of our seashell-inspired Glass Bowls more to your taste? Our items also make original and elegant gift ideas for anyone. If you wish to get one as a present, don’t forget to get additional freehand engravings or decorations to truly make it unique!

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