Baseboards, also known as skirting boards or kickboards, are a prevalent sight in many households. They usually extend around the base of the walls and are made of oak, MDF, or PVC boards. Skirting boards can be glued, nailed, or screwed into the walls, depending on the type and material used. Skirting boards are popular among homeowners because they can improve a home’s aesthetic value. The following are some of the benefits of using skirting boards in home construction programs.

  1. Taking care of blemishes and wiring

Untidy paintwork or unsightly wiring can be found in both new and old characteristics, particularly along a room’s lower edge or angles. When electrical wiring is left hanging openly from the ceilings or walls, it is not only unpleasant but also dangerous.

Hiding the wires in the ceilings is a great idea, but it can be pretty costly when repairs are required. It is more practical and cost-effective to use skirting board services to conceal the spaces left after floor installation. The wires are then hidden under the skirting boards. The skirting boards often protect the cables from the elements such as moisture.

  1. Enhances the Look and Feel of the Interiors

To begin with, the skirting boards help to give the home a more formal appearance. A wooden skirting board system would certainly give your home a classic feel. Skirting boards have been in use for a long time now. Skirting boards used to be even taller than the skirting boards we see today.

When you pick wood for your baseboard, you can choose from a variety of styles. You may also improve its appearance by painting it to complement the style and contribute to the vibrancy of your home’s interior. Many who prefer bright colors can choose a white skirting board to match the color of their interior walls.

If your skirting board is made of PVC, it is glued to the lower part of your wall with solid adhesives, making it difficult to remove. PVC baseboards are more versatile than wood and come in a variety of colors. They are long-lasting and simple to maintain.

  1. Protects the walls from deterioration

The purpose of skirting boards, which run along the bottom of interior walls, is to close the gap between the wall and the floor. As a wall protector, it protects against the excessive force being added to the lower portion of the walls, such as kicks and moving fixtures and pieces of furniture.

Also, when your vacuum cleaner brushes up against your walls while you’re cleaning, they’ll be safe. Skirting boards are needed if water drips onto the kitchen floor. Water would not be able to touch the wall and cause harm.The walls can also be protected from scratching caused by your child’s toys.

Furthermore, since baseboards are well-placed on top of the floor and adhere to the wall, soil and dust can’t penetrate under them.

Never undervalue the impact that floor skirting can have on your house. A white skirting board, for example, with the right style will bring charm to your home while still protecting those priceless walls.

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