Campers are fantastic as they offer the opportunity to enjoy fun adventures on your own, with friends, or with your family. What’s even better is that you can camp in any season.

Whether you’ve purchased an RV now or been an RV enthusiast for many years, we have to tell you that a few additional accessories can make your experience even more enjoyable. One such addition is awnings for campers.

Awnings are not only a great addition to your home or commercial building, but they are also suitable for RVs, and one of the main reasons is that they provide shade and keep you safe from heat, heavy rain, and wind. An RV awning has been an excellent investment for many years.

What are the advantages of awnings for RVs?

Awnings are among our favorite RV accessories. As we’ve mentioned, when you choose the right one for you and your needs, you can take various advantages, providing yourself with maximum convenience. Here are some of the most significant benefits of these products:

  • Provide shade so you’ll feel nice and cool on hot summer days;
  • Protect you from the sun’s rays and UV rays – in addition to keeping the camper’s temperatures cooler, the shades will protect all the furniture and carpets in the camper from fading;
  • Protect against heavy rain and wind;
  • Provide you with a cool place to be outside– you can enjoy the nice weather while you are outside, but without directly feeling the sun’s rays and heat;
  • Provides more privacy for you and your family.

What types of RV canopies will you find?

If you’ve seen the benefits of canopies and want the perfect awning for your RV, here are the types you’ll find on the market. The huge variety makes it possible to choose the ideal canopy for you and your needs. They differ in material, color and functionalities. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with each type to ensure that you invest in the right product.

Acrylic awnings

Acrylic awnings are some of the most common awnings for RVs. They are breathable fabrics, allowing for good air circulation. They can be used in any season because they can withstand rain, snow, and strong winds. Moreover, they repel water on the surface, allowing them to dry quickly.

In this regard, it is essential to say that acrylic awnings are not waterproof and can get overstretched, which for some users proves to be a problem.

Vinyl awnings

Along with acrylic awnings, the vinyl ones are equally popular and preferred as a product. They are scratch and fade resistant. Another huge plus is that UV rays, grime, and pollution can’t penetrate the material. And last but not least, vinyl awnings are waterproof, thus outperforming acrylic awnings. Their most significant drawbacks are that they get dirty quickly, attract dirt and dust, and are prone to mildew and mold.

Slide-out awnings

Slide-out awnings are another fantastic addition to your camper. Most models you will find are manual, but there are also automatic ones among them. This type of awning is less expensive and is easy to maintain. Their downside is that water tends to pool on the roof. Still, if their drawback doesn’t bother you, they might be a good solution for you.

Automatic RV awning

Automatic RV awnings are some of the easiest to use. All it takes is pushing a button, and the awning deploys. But what you need to know is that these products are much more expensive, difficult to install, and in the event of a failure, the repair is significantly more costly.

Patio awning

These are distinguished by being made of extra fabric, which means they are used as a roof, walls, and doors. It gives you an extra place to relax and enjoy the nice weather. The huge disadvantage is that it lacks good ventilation.

Fixed awning

And last but not least are fixed awnings. They are permanently installed above the windows and doors of the RV. On the one hand, they provide you with permanent protection from the sun and rain, but on the other hand, they quickly fall while driving and don’t allow you to change their position much.

Now that you know the types of RV sun shades and their benefits, it’s up to you to find the perfect product.

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