Do you want to brighten your house to increase its value or make it look better? Well, there are several things you can change to achieve this goal. While most people overlook this process, it makes your house look more appealing and fetch more market price than when it’s dull—first impressions matter, whether you want to sell your home or in welcoming visitors. Your house must appear well-inviting, warm, lit, and spacious. A poorly lit home becomes uninviting, dull, and small. How do you brighten yours? Here are some ways.

1.  Replace or add the light bulbs

To have your house lit at all times, you need to have the right bulbs in the right places. Days of having dim, old bulbs are long gone, especially in areas where people spend the most time. Besides having the indoor bulbs, you must also consider the outdoor bulbs to help at night. For the indoors, try as much to avoid the dark-tinted, yellow lights, which you can replace with LED light bulbs that light up your house. For the garden, swimming pools, and other outdoor places, you can consider the outdoor commercial fairy lights, which, other than lighting the area, makes it more appealing. You can also add porch lights, floodlights, and lanterns to make your home ground well lit and secure from intruders.

2.  Clean the Windows

There are two primary reasons why people create windows – for ventilation and trap in natural light. When the windows are dirty, they may not perform their duties well, making your house stuffy and dull. It’s essential to clean them regularly to allow enough natural light, which has several benefits. To effectively clean the windows, you can get some paper towels and rags and a window cleaning agent, which will make them clear as new. For larger buildings, you can consider hiring window cleaning companies to carry on with the job.

3.  Add mirrors to reflect light

Sometimes, paints and walls might make our house dull, especially in areas with insufficient natural light, like when your house gets stuffed between other homes. If you are receiving minimal lighting, you can reflect it in your whole house by using mirrors. These mirrors should be placed opposite the windows, which reflect it to the darker areas making your home brighter. You can consider having a mirror on each window to light your house during the day. However, you shouldn’t overdo this as it will turn your house into something else rather than a residential home.

4.  Paint your walls with light colors

Everyone has their preferred colors which they would like to have in their homes. Unfortunately, some colors make our houses darker, which, despite loving them, we have to forgo them for brighter colors. The reason for choosing light colors is to add some brightness to our homes. Not all bright colors work fine to brighten rooms. Some of the recommended colors include beige, grey, cream, sky blue and white. It would help to talk to color professionals about the best colors that will match to brighten your home. You can also mix these colors to come up with your perfect theme.

5.  Mind your Curtains

photo-1473893604213-3df9c15611c0 Want to Brighten Up Your House? Here's What You Can Do


Curtains are there to put some privacy to your house, decorate it, and control the house’s amount of light. What happens when you put in heavy curtains? There won’t be much light inside your home. The best way to brighten your home is by getting light curtains or have some light sheers to add more light to your home. White sheer curtains are best suited for this job and also make your house more appealing. Ensure the sheers perfectly fit and limit visibility from outside but allow as much light inside the house. This idea works better in large-windowed homes and those not so close to other buildings.

6.  Declutter and rearrange your furniture

A stuffed house looks dull and boring to the occupants, and it’s essential to declutter it and allow some lighting to penetrate through its features. Having more stuff also makes your house smaller and might block the only remaining light inlets. Remove the unnecessary equipment and clear any obstacles on windows and other open areas. Try as much as leaving only the light-colored furniture or paint them to match the walls.

Other ways you can consider are trimming the fences and the outdoor shades, having glass instead of solid windows and doors, cleaning your house regularly, and investing in skylights. By doing so, you will have a brighter home. Your house will also be appealing to the visitors and fetch some good money when deciding to sell it.