Using LED lights is a cool and efficient way to illuminate and decorate your room. Most of us would agree that lighting can affect how a room feels and looks. To give your room that fresh look and flashy vibe, you should try using light-emitting diode (LED) lights.

While many are aware of the energy efficiency of LED lights as compared with incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs, LED lighting is also versatile and can take on many functions to make your room more vibrant. Read on as we share some tips on how you can decorate your room with LED lights.

Bring Your Corners to Life

Most home lightings are centralized or located in an area where a single light source can give of the most illumination coverage. Oftentimes, these lights cover the middle and lower half level of the room, and the light gets dimmer as you look closer to the ceiling and the upper corners of the room. You can change the atmosphere of the room by placing led strip lights or string lights on the upper corners of the room. You can match the color temperature (cool or warm) of your centralized light source, or you can make it contrast the color temperature to provide balance. Strip lights can also come in various colors, and you can select which color goes well with your internal decoration theme. Corner lights also make a good dim lighting effect to set the mood for a good night’s sleep so you can also choose light colors that are relaxing to the eyes.

Pimp Your Bedhead

You’ll definitely love staying on your bed of you have an attractive night light on your bedhead. You can do away with your boring lampshades and use LED lights to make your bed more alluring and conducive for sleeping. You can use strip lights to accentuate the contours of your bedhead, headboard, or bedpost. You can even take your creativity to the next level by playing the lighting strip design like making shapes like a heart, a crescent moon, a four-leaf clover, etc. Choose LED lighting with a dimmer function or switch for an easy transition from bed activities to sleeping and for setting the mood for your bedroom.

Brighten and Enlarge Your Room

Lights are also great agents for creating interior space illusions such as greater depth and larger room space. You can make an illuminated wall boundary similar to a wall panel to guide the eyes to look upward, making your room space look taller and larger. You can extend this lighting scheme around the room to maximize the spatial illusion effect. Strip lights also work well with wall panels if your room has one. It can have an accentuating effect that can go well with the main lighting source of your room.

Highlight Special Room Areas

If you are an avid action figure collector, a connoisseur of the arts, or if you have a collection of books you want to show off to guests and visitors, LED lights can draw their attention to these special areas in your room. If you have paintings or posters you want to display and highlight in your room, the versatile lighting effects of LED lights can achieve the accentuation you want for your collections and special spaces.

luggage-2659021_960_720 Want to Decorate Your Room With LED Lights? Here's How

Some homeowners are hesitant to use lighting on photosensitive or heat-sensitive artworks like paintings, potteries, and sculptures. LED lights are energy-efficient and do not emit much heat, converting 80-90% of its energy as light. You can show great works of art in bright and colorful details by surrounding them with accentuating LED lights and without worrying about the deterioration caused by heat coming from the lights.

Accentuate Room Locations

There are locations in your room that can help give it an aesthetic boost with the help of LED lighting. You can emphasize your bedroom door by adding string lights to the upper half of the door to give it a welcoming and playful vibe. Your ceiling is another space where you can make a lighting statement for your guests. Overhead lighting gives your ceiling a larger feel and makes your room look more spacious. If your room has a short walkway, creating an overhead illumination serves as a futuristic guide towards your room. Your ceiling and walls can also make great lighting murals where you can make creative designs to dress up your wall. You can make star designs on your ceiling while you can decorate your walls with simple shape designs like hearts, diamonds, crescent moon, etc.

Illuminate Functional Areas and Furniture

Don’t just limit your amazing lighting ideas to your room. Extend your LED lighting concept to adjacent rooms or nearby areas leading to your room. Functional areas or parts of your home also need some makeover ideas. Your stairs will not only look glam and magical with strip lights, but they also become safer as the handrails, tread, nosing, and riser become more visible through the applied illumination. Your corridors can also be converted from gloomy to lively by incorporating various lighting effects to brighten the area. You choose monochromatic or multi-colored lighting schemes depending on whether you want to include your corridor as an extension of your interior design or treat it as a distinct interior lighting project.

pexels-photo-749352 Want to Decorate Your Room With LED Lights? Here's How

Give your furniture the emphasis they deserve by surrounding them with lights. Your living room furniture can be objects of focal attention if you shower them with lights. Your couch will look glamorous with LED lights under it. Your A/V rack could use some fancy lighting to further enhance your home theater and entertainment experience. Make your center table be an area to gather friends and guests for a lively chat and discussion illuminating the sides of the table. If it’s made of glass, give it a futuristic look by applying LED strips under the glass surface. Your work or study table could use a strip light or two to make it more efficient and well-lit. LED lights provide good illumination cover to prevent eye strain. You can even apply strip lights to drawers, cabinets, shelves, and fridge and notice great visual improvement and appeal from them.

LED lights are changing the way we light up our homes. Not only do they make cost-efficient alternatives to conventional lights, but they also provide more interior decoration options to glam up your rooms. LED lighting will be the lighting of choice for households in the future due to its energy efficiency, cost-efficiency, and versatility. So try and brighten up your room with LED lights.