Lagoon communities are extremely appealing to individuals searching for a cleaner, safer, and more affordable way to live and experience a tropical paradise. Modern lagoons provide residents with access to next-gen technology, and because of the popularity of these communities, there are more and more of them popping up across the country.

However, not everyone is fully aware of what lagoon living is, or what it has to offer. Keep reading to learn more about Communities by Metro Places and why lagoon living is considered such a hot trend today.

The Lagoon Living Concept

The goal of lagoon living is to provide residents with access to the beautiful, crystal waters of the Caribbean, without the hassle or having to travel to the Caribbean. This is when the concept for what is essentially a large pool was created.

One of the biggest challenges of creating this waterfront paradise community was figuring out an effective way to keep the water clean. This is when biochemistry experts will be called in to help with the creation of an innovative filtration system that uses state-of-the-art technologies to keep the water clear.

The Spread of Innovation

Once the first lagoon community was created, it was too great of a concept not to be spread. This is when the creation of lagoon communities became somewhat of a hot commodity with developers in over 60 different countries.

What is even better, these lagoons offer much more than just recreation and swimming. The advancement offered by the water treatment technology offers artificial aquifer reservoirs, seawater purification, and pump storage systems, which help reduce total energy costs.

Save Water with Lagoon Living

The lagoon communities being created today use technology that requires 100 times fewer chemicals that a traditional swimming pool. They also require 50 times less energy than a more conventional pool filtration system. With issues like water shortages being a real concern in many areas, the lagoons can actually help individuals save on water. Since the lagoons are being built in dry areas, some believe this is a “risky” idea; however, lagoon use will require up to 30 times less water than a typical 18-hole golf course.

Location Is No Longer a Factor

For individuals who want to enjoy waterfront living, in the past they would have to purchase a property on a lakeshore, beach, or on another natural body of water. However, with lagoon living, this is no longer the case. The lagoons can be constructed anywhere. For example, in Egypt, there is a lagoon community in the middle of a desert. Now, land that was considered useless in the past has value and a purpose.

Aren’t There Enough Waterfront Properties Already?

When it comes to waterfront properties throughout the United States, it seems like there are plenty, right? In fact, in Florida alone there are more than 600 miles of beaches and a coastline that stretches over 1000 miles. This does not even account for the more than 30K lakes in this state alone. However, lagoon living is different.

For most people, one hesitation to moving to the beach or lake front is the safety factor. The water may be dirty, infested with algae, or something else. However, with lagoon living, residents have a safe and clean location to enjoy and take part in waterfront living.

Endless Recreational Activities and Opportunities

For most people, the beach is a “happy place.” The sand, surf, and sun often speak to their soul. The beach is great for fishing, jet skiing, and enjoying an afternoon on a boat; however, when it comes to swimming, there are many who are hesitant to “dive in.” There are several reasons for this, but one of the biggest is being unsure what else is in the water. Is it dangerous? Will it cause health issues? There are so many unknown factors that many people avoid getting in the water.

With lagoon living, this is not a factor that has to be worried about. The water is filtered, which means it is clean and free from bacteria, dirt, debris, and virtually anything else imaginable. This makes it a safer place to swim and to let kids get in the water.

No Undertow

Another serious concern for those who go to the beach, especially with younger children, is the undertow. The fact is, this is dangerous and has led to thousands of deaths. However, with a lagoon, this factor, too, has been eliminated. Since this is a manmade body of water, there is no undertow, waves, or similar issues to worry about. This makes it so much safer -; instantly -; than the beach where these threats are real.

Is Lagoon Living Really Worth It?

As mentioned above, the beach is amazing. However, it is not the right environment or experience for everyone. For many, just the idea of getting to live next to a massive swimming pool that is crystal clear throughout the year is quite appealing. Not only is it great for adults, but children too. While going to the beach is still an option, there are many who find that lagoon living is exactly what they have been searching for. Lagoons provide clear water, an array of community and recreational activities, and no alligators, jellyfish, or other potentially dangerous wildlife. This makes it a smart and appealing choice for so many people across the country.

Making the Most of Lagoon Living

Living by a lagoon is not a new concept, but it is one that has just recently begun to grow in popularity across the U.S. and throughout the world. There is no question that this type of residential area has a lot to offer the residents and as time passes, there are likely to be more and more of these unique communities popping up. When it comes to lagoon living, everyone has to decide for themselves what the right option is. This is going to be a personal decision, but it is clear that lagoon living has quite a bit to offer everyone.