Just the thought of moving overseas can create a complex array of emotions, let alone all the daunting tasks that are associated with preparation. Don’t worry, innumerable people have moved overseas without a hitch by planning, and you’ll be able to do this too.

If the anxiety induced by moving overseas is getting to be a little much for you, we have some ways to lessen the stress of this process.

Create a to-do list

If you’re attempting to go through a mental list of everything you need to get accomplished prior to moving, you will end up exhausted. Create a to-do list and check it off as you go along, and add items where needed. Sometimes seeing a physical list of everything you’ve accomplished is going to give you a boost as well. You don’t want to be remembering last minute details days prior to your planned move, having everything organized will reduce the amount of anxiety you’re feeling.

Hire an international delivery service

If you’re scrambling your brains trying to come up with a way to either get rid of all of your belongings, or how you will afford to buy new things, you’re going to be stressed. You can employ the services of an international removal company that will store your possessions, and send them to you relatively cheaply. This will prevent you from having the emotional stress of getting rid of stuff you’re attached to, and being worried about money. It’s best you go with a company that has a high reputation with their customers, so you know everything will be adequately taken care of. Look for local removalists for help when you have too much to pack or unpack. ABC removalists for example, offer packing and unpacking services in Sydney.


Sometimes you just need to chill out amid the chaos. You’re moving to an entirely different place, with different people, and potentially a different language, it’s okay to be a little stressed. You just need to place as much emphasis on taking time to relax, and view the situation objectively. Make sure you’re making progress on your to-do list of course, but give yourself a bit of time to read a book or spend time with your friends. Whatever helps you calm down from the disarray, do it. There’s no sense in getting yourself worked up to the point your goals become inaccessible.

Research, research, research

concept-1868728_1280 Ways to Lessen the Stress of Moving Overseas

I’m assuming you’ve probably already done a bit of research in regards to the country you’re moving to (I hope). A mind that is reassured and knows what to anticipate will be a mind that is less stressed. If you think of something you feel you need to know directly during the day, jot it down and research it on your down time. The more information you encapsulate in your mind about where you will be living, the less nervous you’ll feel.

Keep your goals in mind

You’re moving to this country for a reason, and it’s probably due to some goals you have on improving yourself in one way or another. Remember to keep your goals in mind, no matter how taxing your to-do list becomes. Write notes to yourself that provide optimistic energy and put them somewhere you’ll see everyday. When you’re changing the way that you think and forcing yourself to think positively, you’ll develop this habit. It’s easy to forget why we wanted to even move in the first place, and this will do nothing but create further detriment to accomplishing tasks.

Talk to someone who’s done it before

Nothing is more reassuring and bolstering to your confidence than discussing your concerns with a person who’s moved overseas before. They’ll be able to empathize with your levels of stress and help circumvent feeling worse. A lot of the time they will know exactly what you’re going through and offer some insight. If you don’t know anyone personally that’s moved abroad, you have the opportunity to discuss these issues with people on online forums and discussion boards.

Making a to-do list is going to help you stay organized; even if you’re a type B personality person this is highly recommended. Leaving things to the last minute is not an option in a lot of cases, and you don’t want to have to move your moving date. Get an international delivery service to handle your current possessions and don’t forget to take some time to just relax and keep your goals in mind. Research everything about the country you’re traveling to, whether it be the law, healthcare, or whatever you’re curious about. Talk to as many people who have moved overseas as you can, it helps having someone to work through all of the preparations.