Tenants have unique security concerns. Since you live close to other tenants and many people come in and out of your apartment complex, burglars or other intruders may target your apartment. Burglars have become more sophisticated and can figure out how to get into your apartment. Therefore, as an apartment dweller, you should make an effort to keep your housing unit secure and safe. The following are the things you can do to ensure that your apartment is secure.

Purchase additional locks

If the door of your apartment does not have a chain lock and deadbolt, you can install them for added safety. It is more difficult for intruders to pick a deadbolt compared to a standard doorknob lock for the deadbolt can only open when the lock cylinder is rotated.

A spring bolt lock, on the other hand, can be retracted when force is applied to the bolt itself. A chain lock offers additional security when you open your door. When a chain lock is installed, you only have to open your door a little bit when speaking to a stranger or to ask for identification before you open it up completely.

Reinforce sliding doors

The doors that lead to the balcony can pose a safety hazard if they are not appropriately secured. Unsecured sliding doors can make it relatively easy for an intruder to get in your apartment quietly and without being traced.

It is vital to keep your balcony door locked when it is not in use. However, a majority of sliding doors do not have sturdy locks and can be opened with just a shove. To ensure that your sliding door is secure, use an inside bar lock to arm it.

Install surveillance gadgets

Surveillance gadgets are a necessity since they enhance security. When installing surveillance gadgets, your goal should be to get the most views. The lighting in the area where you have installed the surveillance gadgets should also be good so that the surroundings will be visible to the camera.

To ensure that you are residing in a safe rental property, place your surveillance cameras in places where they are not easily visible. For instance, you can place the surveillance gadgets behind the TV or a clock. You may also hide the gadget in a plant pot. In the bedroom, you can secure the surveillance gadget on a bookshelf, nightstand or lamp. In the kitchen, you can place the gadget in a stuffed toy.

Buy excellent blinds

Excellent blinds can prevent burglars from seeing the valuables inside your apartment. Install blinds, which block the view from outside completely. The blinds should remain closed every time you go out. This will help you minimize the risk of burglaries.

Use a safe

It is advisable to use a safe to safeguard your most valuable possessions, just in case your apartment is broken into. Lock away items like firearms, money, jewelry and important documents in a fireproof safe.

Safes are of different sizes, and their prices range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Find the safe that suits your needs and budget and speak to the property owner about building it to a wall or floor. This way, a burglar cannot pick up and take the safe. Although a safe will not guarantee the absolute protection of your valuables, it will help conceal items from burglars who want to steal valuable possessions that are easily visible and escape fast.

As you rent an apartment, it is vital to ensure that it is safe and secure. Do not let the property owner be responsible for the safety of your apartment. Instead, work with the property owner or manager to ensure that the residence is secure. By taking measures to keep your apartment safe, you can rest assured that intruders will not get into it, and if they do, your valuable possessions are less likely to be stolen. With gadgets such as surveillance cameras, it can also be easier to pinpoint who entered into your apartment.