Remote working is quickly becoming the new norm for a lot of companies and their employees. In certain sectors, the home working phenomenon is a completely new way of working and some employees may not have it down to a tee yet – and that’s fine!

Working from home can be a challenge for many reasons. You can have distractions, family being noisy, or even pets demanding snuggles during a team meeting.

But one thing that can be a motivation killer is having a boring environment to work in. While an environment can’t be too stimulating or distracting, it also can’t be super boring!

So, here are some tips to spruce up that home office for your home working endeavours.

Dedicate A Space and Hang Tapestries

Many people not used to working from home will initially fall into the trap of working from any room in the house. This can be an okay way to do it for short stints, but for longer working, at home arrangements, you will need a dedicated space to work from.

Choose this space and then get some tapestries. They are a great way to fill a wall that is bare without too much effort involved, and nowadays you can get tapestries for almost anything. Got a favourite TV show? Or maybe you just really like Penguins?

Whatever you are into, source a nice tapestry online or make a custom one! Just make sure to get the dimensions and sizing right.

Never Skip Plants

Plants are a common way to spruce up a space, but they can also help with stress and concentration. Plants help clean the Carbon Dioxide out of the air and replace it with fresh Oxygen.

This will ultimately improve the quality of the air you breathe and by extension help, your brain gets a better quality of oxygen – decreasing stress and improving concentration.

That and it can make your office space smell nice. Give it a try! Succulents are a great, low-maintenance option.

Have A Dedicated Relaxation Space

This one is vital to avoid burnout. Having a place to relax for five minutes, or to spend those last few minutes of a lunch break in leisure can go a long way towards improving your overall mood and performance in the workplace.

Your relaxation space can include anything you want it to have. Enjoy the soft rhythms of a lava lamp? Or maybe a statue of your favourite fictional character is nice to gaze at.

One thing you can’t miss out on is a good place to sit or lie back and lounge in. If you have the space, a bougie leather sofa might be something to consider. Hampton and McMurray have an excellent range to choose from should you decide to go this route.

Before You Go, Our Parting Advice

Don’t leave it to the last minute. If you are starting a new flexible working contract or plan to work from home for an extended period of time, get your dedicated office space ready before you start working.

Having the satisfaction of a completed office space ready and waiting is just one less thing to worry over.

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